Hey Wrestlers! Lose Weight with Strength Training not just Cardio

There are countless reasons for wrestlers and MMA fighters to strength train: building strong muscles, increasing dynamic power to help performance in addition to injury prevention, improved long term health and disease prevention. Then there is the enhanced mental health of feeling like a badass when you’re physically dominating another athlete.  Just saying. Another big […]

Medical Study: Transgender Athletes Have Advantages in Women’s Sports Despite Hormone Therapy

Introduction Competitive sports have been divided primarily by the concepts of male/female identity. However, these traditional athletic categories do not account for transgender persons who experience incongruence between the gender assigned at birthand their experienced gender identity. The question of when it is fair to permit transgender personsto compete in sport in line with their […]

2019 Men’s Freestyle World Championship Wrap up & Results

  Team USA went into the World Championships with a strong team and high expectations. Four wrestlers scored zero team points. You can’t win a world championship starting off like that. Pat Downey had a better tournament than most expected. Guessing that he’s not homeless. I know that there were some very tough brackets, but […]

Nate Jackson TIme

I spent a few minutes catching up with Princeton coach and senior level freestyle wrestler Nate Jackson earlier today. Jackson is coming off a Gold medal performance at the Medved last weekend. Look for him to compete in November at the Bill Farrell. Nate talks about his senior level success, confidence, NJRTC wrestling, beating up […]