8 Thoughts on Super 32

I will be covering the NWCA and won’t be at S32 this year. I’ve been reading a lot about this year’s S32 and I had a few thoughts about what’s out there.


  1. 120 lbs If Daton Fix and Nick Suriano make it to the finals what will happen? Two weeks ago they went more than half an hour before a winner was declared. It was a great match; don’t let TR Foley tell you otherwise. They both won’t be shirtless in this match so I expect less slippery conditions to favor well-executed technique. Who can make the best adjustments? Fix never once broke good stance position during the 32 minute match with Suriano at Who’s #1, he got in deep several times on Suriano but couldn’t finish. Was it the slick conditions or was it Suriano’s hips? I guess we’ll find out, but he’s the best that I’ve seen since Kellen Russell. These guys know each other well so it’s unlikely that either will be able to make an adjustment like Mark Hall and dramatically change the closeness of previous matches. Fix won the freestyle meeting between the two prior to Who’s #1. I’m giving the edge to Nick Suriano in this Folkstyle match up between the country’s two best at this weight. He’s going to make an adjustment in his counters to score on Fix.


  1. 126 lbs Has 3 tops studs: Mitch McKee coming off a loss to AC Headlee at Who’s #1, Nick Piccininni coming off a loss to Kaid Brcok at Who’s #1 and Luke Pletcher. Nick has majored Luke at Flo nationals. Luke beat Mitch at last year’s S32. Nick and Luke are also coming up from 126 lbs. Roll the dice; If Mitch and Nick are on the same side I’ll take Pletcher, McKee and then Piccininni. If Piccininni and Pletcher are on the same side, I’ll take Piccininni, Pletcher and then McKee. If McKee and Pletcher are on the same side I’ll take NP, MM & Pletcher. Wow should be a great semi and finals match up.


  1. 106 lbs Can anyone touch Spencer Lee? There are a few ranked kids but Lee has been dominating in Folkstyle and Freestyle this year. I hope that he grows into the Suriano and Fix weight class mix. To increase his level of competition and fan pleasing match ups, I say that Lee bonus points everyone, unless he faces his Franklin Regional teammate Devin Brown.


  1. 220 lbs Some people have (#1) Jordan Wood competing. He was signed up before injuring his shoulder and since the injury he’s had surgery that will keep him out for most, if not all of the upcoming season. In his absence Austin Myers is likely to have a clear short at the title.


  1. 195 lbs Hunter Ritter (Md) he won at Who’s #1 and looked good against (#1) Bobby Steveson (MN). He doesn’t appear to have a lot of ranked competition. He’s got a lot of energy; he just needs to keep applying it on the mat.


  1. 182 lbs The way the Zahid Valencia won at Who’s #1 over Myles Martin makes if very hard to pick against him. The next highest ranked competitor is Dylan Wisman (40-50 in rankings). Welcome to the big time. ZV will dominate the weight class.


  1. 145 Michael Kemerer 2x S32 Champ doesn’t seem to have a totally stacked weight class, but this could still change. All wrestlers have until Friday night to pick their weight class that they are competing in. If things hold Kemerer will be a 3x S32 champ.


  1. 106 lbs Cade Olivas just beat Gavin Teasdale in a pretty close match. Olivas seemed to have more attacks and I think that he’ll be able to adjust more to open up the score this time. I hope that I’m wrong, go PA boys. After WNO, it looked like Teasdale needs to develop more offensive attacks if he wants to unseat Olivas. That’ll take more than a couple weeks to develop.



Super 32 is one of the Nation’s premium tournaments. If you live within 2 hours of Greensboro, NC it’s a must go. Don’t let great wrestling go unwatched. The periods are very short, precluding a lot of action from the top position but it’s a trade off to get through these giant brackets.

Updated: October 31, 2014 — 5:27 pm

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