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Coach Green Responds to True Wrestling


Earlier today coach Green sent out this letter to “set the record straight” about my article from a few days ago. Thanks for your thoughts coach. The Flo X-Calibur tournament looks to be interesting – we’re looking forward to seeing which teams are participating.


From Coach Green:

“Well after yesterday’s article/blog I guess it is time to address this. Feel free to repost

We aren’t going to the Beast. I informed the Beast of this last spring.

This isn’t really US vs Them

Yes, there was some controversy last year. The team score thing was difficult to swallow. They posted one point system in the program and used another. I asked them to confirm how many points each medal match was worth and was told by a Beast official that the 3rd places bouts were worth 2 points each. They weren’t. We let Doggett and Scanlan coast instead of going for the fall, which would have put us back in 2nd place. Tempers flared afterwards and people on both sides said some things they probably regret.

Honestly, that has little to do with us not returning. We aren’t really in this for 2nd place and Bergen Catholic outwrestled us that weekend. I should have picked up on the discrepancies between the program and the computer score earlier. I own that. Let’s be honest- our coaches and people associated with the program haven’t behaved well there. They would be justified in not wanting us back. But they do. It was all resolved and I hope there aren’t any hard feeling on either side

We aren’t going back for these reasons (there are more, but these are the main ones)

1- One week between Beast and Ironman. We’ve done it a couple of years now and it is too much. Serious injuries at Beast 3 years running now. The 14 hour day one is too much for HS kids. I have to protect our kids.

2-End of the term. Very difficult travel arrangements around the holidays for boarding school kids. Tired of our team wrestling in medal rounds and everyone but the coaches having hurried home after they were eliminated. I get it, but I don’t like it

3- A lot of repeats from Ironman and people we see all year. How many times do we need to see Delbarton, Blair, McDonogh, Robinson, Malvern, St Ben’s etc…..?

4- Expense- we don’t have an unlimited budget and this one is a tough one financially for the program and the parents

The Beast is a great event. I wish Steve Lex well and hope it continues in its mission.

Now, we feel like we have addressed all these issues by creating our own small event and picking up Prep Slam and Eastern States- That’s two Flo majors with very few kids that we will ever see.

We are excited about our event, but lets not get carried away with it being able to compete with the big national events yet. Flo X-Calibur will be a 24 man bracket. It will help us brand our new club. It will address all of the reasons 1-4 above. We are excited to have formed partnerships with Flo, Wilkes, and The Friends of NEPA Wrestling to create this event.

We are especially thrilled to have involved many local teams. We hope that over time this will help District II get some exposure and raise the level of wrestling in the Valley so we don’t have to travel as far to compete. A strong Valley is good for Sem.

Is this the right decision? Who knows. The Beast is a great event and leaving it is a risk. I’m sure some people think I’m an idiot for doing it. Probably some people in our own program will second guess. But I deliberated on this one for awhile and we are excited about the change.”

Looks like Coach has a plan.  Let the season begin!


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