GSP Medically Cleared to Train


Georges St-Pierre, former UFC Welterweight Champion, who would have been at least a multi time D1 AA if he had wrestled, is cleared to start training again after rehabbing his 2nd knee surgery. The big question is will he return to the UFC? GSP had been very vocal about drug testing when he stepped away from the octagon. The UFC and various state athletic commissions have stepped up their testing. Oddly enough it’s St-Pierre that doesn’t pass many people’s eye test for PEDs. GSP is only 33, relatively young for an MMA fighter. Could his time off have helped his body recover from the pounding that he’s taken over the last decade? I think so. Unlike GSP’s previous tenure the welterweight division is looking stacked. Johnny Hendricks, who now holds the title fought GSP in a very close fight and clearly beat St-Pierre up in their meeting 11 months ago. Robbie Lawler is a tough fighter just reaching his stride as well. Hector Lombard, who had a rough entry into the UFC, has stepped up his game and is now looking like a serious contender for the belt. Then there’s Rory Mac Donald, GSP’s fellow countryman, highly rated but I don’t see him as much of a threat. He’s very technical but can be boring and passive for long stretches of a fight. So I hope that GSP comes back full force. It will make for some very exciting fights in one of the strongest weight classes in the UFC.

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