Lehigh Wrestling Update

On Thursday night Lehigh University will have their annual wrestle-offs and while it’s not the sole determining factor of the starting line up it has a big influence. No matter who makes it into the starting line up it will be a very young team. As of this morning the coaching staff still has undefined people wrestling off. Mason Beckman, Mitch Minotti and Max Wessell will not be in Thursday’s lineup. Beckman is preparing for his NWCA All Star match on November 1st and Minotti is still recovering from shoulder surgery and is expected back some time in January if the healing process goes well.

projected wrestle-off line up

125 Scott Parker- Darian Cruz

125 Jonathan Mele – Dean Somers

133 Artem Timchenko – Cody Kievman – Camden Fischer – Mason Beckman (JR AA) not in wrestle off

141 Randy Cruz- Ian Brown – Drew Longo – Cortland Schuyler

149 Laike Gardner – Will Switzer – Drew Longo

157 Dylan Milonas –Billy Ramsey or Michael Stepien

165 Marshall Peppelman- Santiago Martinez

174 Zach Diekel-Axel Wessell

184 Nate Brown-Garett Stehley

197 Elliot Riddick –John Bolich-Nick Weber

285 Doug Vollaro -Zach Rey- for fun


Riddick-has put on a lot of size since last season but 197 is open for the taking.

Vollaro seems to have taken the next step in his evolution as a D1 heavyweight and even if Wessel is healthy, there is enough separation to give Vollaro the starting spot.


Coaching Updates:

Jarrod Garnett hit the ground running and is really helping the lightweights

John Hughes’ arm is 95% and he’s wrestling live in practice.  Many have speculated about looking for a head coaching job elsewhere-interested but has to be the right fit and one that is fully committed to their wrestling program. The culture of the administration is 1st on his list. I guess tht means no PSAC schools. He has had a great relationship with Pat Santoro for over 20 years Pat wins when they wrestle. Talk about commitment.


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