Who’s #1 Line Up

Who’s #1 is a dual event that Flo has created and will be at Lehigh University’s “Snake Pit”. October 18 at 7 PM David Taylor will be on hand at 6 PM. Lehigh has some of the best wrestling facilities in the country now that Leeman-Turner arena his been renovated.

You can see the line up here. There are several very good match ups. I’m looking forward to Hayes vs. Kolodzik, Joseph vs Stroker II, Martinvs Z. Valencia, A. Valencia vs. Hall and Perry vs. Hamlin. It’s early in the season and these guys obviously aren’t peaking yet but at level most of these young men are wrestling at it should be a good show. The lowest ranked wrestler competing is 5th. So there could be lots of top ranking changes after this weekend. Some of these guys have wrestled each other before so it might be a matter of who learned the most from the first meeting. Can Stroker come back from his bad loss to Joseph? He had just come up a weight class  and had a car accident the week that he wrestled Joseph. Can Hall adjust to Valencia style and pace?