2014 Bill Farrell International Open

2014 Bill Farrell International Open

There were some surprises in freestyle today in New York. 57KG-Olympian Sam Hazewinkle was knocked out early. So was Nico Megaludis making it only 1 round further than Hazewinkle in the wrestle-backs. Joe Colon and Dan Mitchef met in the finals with Colon easily winning, letting it be know that he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with during the next Olympic cycle.


61KG- No significant American participation. 2 Russians met in the finals. Murshid Mutalimov defeated Vova Flegontov via tech fall.


65Kg Reece Humphrey was knocked out in the quarters by Jason Chamberlain. Evan Henderson started making the most of his redshirt coming out of the bottom bracket. Chamberlain won the finals 8-3 over Henderson.

Noteworthy is that Joey Mckenna won 6 matches in the wrestle back but lost to Russian Shikhaid Dzhalilov for 3rd place

70KG Jordan Oliver was taken down by Adam Hall in the semifinals. Cyler Sanderson is wrestling after a long layoff and worked his way through the wrestle-backs to face Jordan Oliver for 3rd place. Oliver won that match 4-0

74KG-Didn’t have much top American talent.


86KG-NLWC resident athlete Jamie Espinal, London Silver medalist, was knocked out in the quarters by Richard Perry and then by Jon Reader in the consolation semi’s. There are a lot of question marks about him after his world championship performance and this result? Richard Perry beat Deron Winn in the finals 5-4.

97KG-Not a ton of well-known Americans at this weight. Enock Francois (NYAC) won over Manjot Sandu (Burnaby BC WC)


125KG-Tyrell Fortune dominated his way into the finals as Dom Bradley did to a lesser extent. Interestingly for MMA fans a Rolles Gracie entered this event. He was pinned quickly in his 2 matches. Makes you wonder? The Gracie’s have fallen behind the times in MMA with the improvement in wrestling and striking by most successful practitioners. Fortune won the finals against Dom Bradley 3-1.


Most countries haven’t sent their A list talent but Russia has had the most success of any foreign country. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a ton of top American talent on display. That’s too bad as this tournament was in the biggest metro area in the country.

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