Christmas Gift Guide for your wrestler.

So you’ve got a wrestler in the family? Or two? That’s a great reason to consider some of these ideas for the holidays: (Much of this will be age and experience related.)

Stocking Stuffers:
1. Tea tree oil soap and shampoo – anti-fungal for ring worm or other mat funk.
2. A good multi vitamin to help with general health during the season.
3. Anti-slip shower sandals. Keep athlete’s foot away from your wrestlers.
4. New Headgear. Don’t let your wrestler lose their hearing or their appearance – invest in some great head gear. Go a step further and order them with your wrestlers name already on them.
5. Flo Subscription This is the best online service for viewing wrestling and technique. Floinsider is great for wrestling information

For Under the Tree – if it fits.
1. Help them get a better workout at home with “Enter the Kettlebell” a great book for all levels plus a kettlebell. These are a great addition to any workout and in most cases a better workout for your wrestlers or retired wrestlers body than they’re getting on their team.
2. A poster of a good picture of your child or grandchild wrestling is a great way to showcase their skills. Go to these sites for options that put your photos on a large canvas or can simply print a high quality photo for you to frame.
a. Canvas on Demand
b. Snapfish
3. Wrestling Shoes can be anything from entry level to the high pricedhere small batch use shoes that many kids have created a crazy price point for, beware of scammers on flickr. Some of these shoes will go for hundreds of dollars on line.
4. Headphones: They love warming up with their own music. Give them headphones designed for and by wrestlers.
5. Throwing dummy– these dummies are great for entry-level 6-year olds to senior level wrestlers. Refining technique with tens of thousands of reps plus the conditioning that gets built from lifting and throwing these things rep after rep.
6. A Wrestling mat for home practice – dedicated or cut from a bigger mat, doesn’t matter. For young kids this doubles as a great play area to mess around on with soft consequences.
7. Take your wrestler or retired wrestler to a big wrestling event: Southern Scuffle, South Beach Duals, the NCAA nationals.
8. If your wrestler or retired wrestler has body problems get them an appointment with an Osteopathic Doctor. They often have a unique way of assessing and treating the body as a whole. If you live within a few hours of Philadelphia get your special wrestler an appointment with Vincera Institute or find someone in your area that does the Barnes Method of Myofascial Release.. Don’t let your loved one’s body suffer from the punishing intensity of wrestling. It’s also a great first stop to make if you get told you need surgery.

Lastly and most importantly tell them that you respect all their hard work and effort, no matter the result. Wrestling is one of the toughest sports on the planet and in the history of mankind. It is also a multi-dimensional activity. Almost everything that your wrestler learns while engaged in the sport can be applied in their daily lives. Don’t let that message get lost. Hard work, determination and goals are all very useful life skills. Oh, and tell those wrestlers that you love them a lot too! If they don’t know how much they are loved as wrestling kids the gifts that come from wrestling may be squandered in adulthood.

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