Drexel Blue & Gold Inter Squad Match Results

125: Zack Fuentes over
Tanner Shoap 7-3
141: David Pearce over
Franco Ferraina 4-2
149: Matt Cimato over
Willie Davis 4-1
157: Noel Blanco over
Ryan O’Connor 14-6
157: Richard Viruet over
Zach Spira 5-4
174: Stephen Loiseau
over Connor Moran 4-3
184: Alex DeCiantis over
Jason Fugiel 5-2
197: Brandon Litten over
Josh Murphy 3-2
285: Joey Goodhart over
Alex Foley 6-3

I’ll be checking in with the Drexel program later this week. Stay tuned for more Drexel coverage.

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