Iowa vs Iowa State

iowa vs ISU
On paper it looks like the Hawkeyes should roll, losing only 2 matches, maybe. I don’t see this as a close dual meet but more of an update on what Kevin Jackson is doing at ISU. ISU fell pretty hard during the transition to Jackson as head coach. Last year he helped the team back up the ladder a bit finishing with 3 All-Americans and placing above upstart in-state rival UNI. If Jackson can squeeze an upset at 149 and a win at toss up 157, while holding onto wins at 165 and 197 it’s a big step for ISU reclaiming the second fiddle position in Iowa college wrestling. I know that it’s early season but the Brands bros want to dominate in-state rivals and would like nothing more than a shut out. Predictions Iowa wins 7 matches, ISU 3. No matter what happens this should be the best dual between these two teams in the last few years.

125 – No. 6 Thomas Gilman (Iowa) vs. Kyle Larson (Iowa State)
133 – No. 4 Cory Clark (Iowa) vs. No. 16 Earl Hall (Iowa State)
141 – No. 9 Josh Dziewa (Iowa) vs. John Meeks (Iowa State)
149 – No. 13 Brody Grothus or Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) vs. Gabe Moreno (Iowa State)
157 – Michael Kelly (Iowa) vs. Luke Goettl (Iowa State)
165 – No. 5 Nick Moore (Iowa) vs. No. 3 Mike Moreno (Iowa State)
174 – No. 4 Mike Evans (Iowa) vs. No. 7 Tanner Weatherman (Iowa State)
184 – No. 7 Sam Brooks (Iowa) vs. No. 18 Lelund Weatherspoon (Iowa State)
197 – No. 6 Nathan Burak or Kris Klapprodt (Iowa) vs. No. 2 Kyven Gadson (Iowa State)
285 – No. 3 Bobby Telford (Iowa) vs. Quean Smith (Iowa State)

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