NWCA All Star Classic Updates

Introductions going on right now

The palestra is just over half full. If you are a wrestling fan, that can afford a ticket and live within 90 miles, I question if you are a fan.


Starting at 165lbs #1 Alex Dieringer vs. #2 Nick Sulzer-

Hand fighting. Low single to a go behind for 2 TD

Escape after riding time secured.

2-1 after 1

Quick escape AD 3-1

Stalling warning Sulzer

3-1 after 2

Dieringer riding tough

Sulzer escape after 40 secs 3-2

4-2 with riding time


174 #2 Robert Kokesh vs. #1 (NAIA) Brock Gutches-

Gutches quick on the single td 2-0

Kokesh in better position

In on single td 3-2 Kokesh

Kokesh riding hard, Gutches has no answers from bottom 3-2 after 2 Kokesh

Quick escape RK into a low single TD after a wild counter 6-2 kokesh

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