NWCA Updates Showcase Matchups


133 #1-D3 Alex Gomez (Ithaca) vs. #17 Kevin Devoy Drexel (NQ last

year. Early takedown Devoy is tough on top. Gomex has an escape. Devoy has a takedown just before the end of the period. Devoy into a tilt for 3 to start 2nd period. 7-2 Devoy end of 2nd period. Devoy down to start. Devoy escape 8-2. Takedown Gomez, let deoy up.

9-4 Devoy final

141 #1 NCWA Ryan Diehi (Liberty vsJordan Laster (Princeton)

Diehl Double leg Takedown. 2-0. Scramble Reverals 4-2 Diehl

Laster D 4-4. Diehl escapes before end of period 5-4.

Laster takes down. Quick escape 5-5.Laster with a doubleleg TD with 10 secs. Diehl looks tired. Diehl takes down to start 3rd. Escape 1 minute left

doubleleg TD Laster 10-6

Stalling pts

10-7 Laster. Scoring confusion

Cobb escape, td carter 14-10 plus riding time


149 #3 Devin Carter (VT) vs. #20 C.J. Cobb (Penn)

Cobb quick TD. Carter quick escape. Cobb another TD. 4-1

Carter finishes a single leg TD after w nice scramble

2nd Carter gets out uncontested 4-4

Cobb in deep finishes a double 6-4. Cater out quick finishes a quick low single

Both guys are tired

Double leg Carter 9-6

TD Cobb 10-9 carter

quick escape

td Carter 12-9

17-11 carter

184 #3 Lorenzo Thomas (Penn) vs. Clint Morrison (Rider)

2 PA high school guys going >Thomas TD into a trapped arm near side tilt more backs

30 secs. left Morrison escapes 8-1

Thomas quick escape 9-1. Thomas in on a single TD 11-1

In to a cradle, 3 near fall 14-1 thomas

3rd period

tech fall

55kg women #3 Helen Maroulis vs. #4 Jillian Gallays (Canada)

hand fighting. Slick single dump for td and exposure 4-0 HM

HM low single for a TD 6-0

Helen Maroulis throw by td 8-0

Exposure for Maroulis 10-0 match over