Long TIme Rival Schools Get It On – PSU Vs Pitt

This match will likey to set an attendence record somewhere north of 4,500 wrestling fans should be in attendence. ESPN3 will be live streaming this event if you can’t make it in person. PSU vs. Pitt has been a great rivalry in not just football but all sports for most of my life. Pitt has a great chance to win this year. If they do it would be a highlight of the season. For PSU it’s just another bump is a tough schudle that includes the southern scuffle and grinding B1G secheudle. It looks like Ty WIlps will be out of compettion for Pitt until January. This might give matt brown a chance at much needed bonus points. A number of these wreslters have faced an early season guanlet of All Americans with Zanetta, McCutheon and Thomusseit battling mulpitule AA’s and it’s only November. So these guys might be in early season shape but most have had serious challenges. This is Pitt’s 3rd top 2 opponent this season. It’s been a great couple weeks of wrestling.

125 lbs. – #13 Jordan Conaway vs Dom Forys Fr.- On paper Conaway should win but this match looks like a toss up with the results from this season. If Forys can get out from underneath of Conaway he’s got a chance for an upset. Its hard to belive that Fory’s didn’t qualify for for PA States his senior year. What a tough weight class he had. Conawy seems better on his feet than the top position. I’m taking Fory’s in a tight match. 0-3

133 lbs. – #4 Jimmy Gulibon RSo.vs Nick Zanetta RFr.. -Edge to Jimmy. It seems that Gulibon really did make a leap over the summer if he can be consistant with it, it won’t be very close. Zanetta has had a tough schedule wrestle with lots of AA so far this season. Gulibon beat him in the finals of district, regionals and states his senior year in highschool. JG 3-3
141 lbs. –Kaid Moss RFr. Vs #9 Edgar Bright So. or Travis Shaffer RJr. Match time decision -Bright can open up the margin of victory if his cardio is good after his medical time off. Bonus poits Bright. Shaffer toss up. If Pitt is up or tie I think that Bright wrestles and wins a major. 3-7
149 lbs. – #16 Zach Beitz So.Vs #11 Mikey Racciato So. Beitz beat Racciato in high school. Who has gotten better in their college room? Historically Racciato can score and pin from most any position. Does does Beitz get caught trying to open up his offense? Toss up, going with Racciato at home. While I’ve written before about Racciato being a very exciting wreslter to wacth he is changing up his style this year in pursuit of being an AA. Still exciting. An evolving wrestler from couter excitmnet to making his own offense. I think that the change up helps Toss up going with Beitz 6-7

157 lbs. – Cody Law RFm vs.Ronnie Garbinsky RJr. Law hasn’t had any deifing wins. Losing in the semi’s at the ESU open and medially forfeiting in the consis. Is he healthy? Garbinsky beat Law in an open tournament last year. Edge Garbinsky 6-10

165 lbs. – Garrett Hamond RFr. Vs RFr. Cody Wiercioch RFr. Hammond looked good at the ESU open but Wiercioch is just better at this time. Edge Wiercioch. 6-13

174 lbs. – #3 Matt Brown Sr. Vs #5 Tyler Wilps RSr. (Out)Troy Reaghard will likely be wrestling. Brown by bonus points. Either a major of pin. I’m going with a major 10-13
184 lbs. – Matt McCutheonRFr. Vs #3 Max Thomusseit RSr. McCutheon has beaten (#8Bernstein) All Americans this year and lost (#4 Brown, #5 Thomas) to them. This will be a test to see if he can make a leap in consistency. Thomusseit is rough to step up your game against,he handled Nate Brown and Max Avery both by 2 pts. He is consitantly very good. Max by 2 points 10-16

197 lbs. – #4 Morgan MacIntosh Rfr. Vs #12 Nick Boinnacorsi RJr.- Morgan MacIntosh didn’t look great against Riddick from Lehigh. Boinnacorsi looks like he’s been chisled from stone with the body type that give MM trouble. This will deside the match. MacIntosh wins by 1. 13-16

285 lbs.– #7 John Gingrich RSr. Vs John Rizzo So.-On paper Gingrich has an edge but Rizzo can be a real scraper. Edge Gingrich. Rizzo has been off the mat for a while pursuing football. This is his 5th match in the last 2 years. He only chance is to atch Gingrich. I don’t think that will happen. Gingrich by 6 or 7. 16-16

16-16 PSU wins on criteria first points scored