Penn State vs. Virginia Tech – random thoughts and preview:

psu wrestling
vt wrestling 2
125: #3 Dance VT decision over #8 Conaway PSU VT 3-0
Dance has been very good since nationals last year. Slick on his feet and good getting out from bottom. Dance’s only official loss this year was 6-4 to #1 Garrett 6-4. Conaway is wrestling at his natural weight class for the first time in years. He’s won all of his matches this year but no victories against top 10 guys. I’m taking Dance in a close one but I wouldn’t consider it earthshaking if Conaway gets the W.

133: #2 Gulibon PSU major decision #33 Norstrem VT 3-4 JG looks driven this year, even with the bulky leg brace. Norstrem is tough with no signature wins but he keeps his losses very tight. I think Gulibon gets the bonus points.

141: #2 Carter VT pin over Moss/Waters PSU 9-4. Carter will overwhelm either PSU wrestler with his aggressiveness. Carter is likely a bit more focused with his 141 weight cut. That’s not good for his opponents not named Stieber. . I see a fall in the first or second period.

149: #10 Beitz PSU decision over #19 Mastriani VT 9-7. I would have taken Mastriani a couple of weeks ago. Both wrestlers have taken a slide in the last week or two. That sai, this match is a toss up. I’m taking Beitz because I see more historical success.

157: Law decision over (Barscetta likely out) Wesley. VT 9-10 Barscetta would likely pound Law even with injury recovery time off the mat. I think that Law beats Wesley in a close match.

165: Hammond decision over Strube VT PSU 9-13. Strube is a tough back up but I think Hammond wins close with the crowd at his back.

174: #2 Brown PSU decision over #8 Epperly VT 9-16. Brown is in the running to get into the NCAA finals match. This is an early season quarter finals match. Epperly hasn’t beaten any top 10 guys this year but has dominated lots of #10-#30 range. I don’t think brown can get bonus points but if he does it’s a sign or improvement.

184: #15 McCutcheon PSU decision over (40) Gabel VT 9-19. I’ll take McCutcheon dominating a close match.

197: #5 McIntosh PSU decision over #34 Haught VT 9-22. McIntosh hasn’t looked like an All American this season. Haught is tougher than his ranking but if MM is getting better he should bonus Haught.

285: #8 Waltz VT decision over #22 Lawson PSU. Later in the season I’d see Lawson winning but he hasn’t had enough time back seeing tough competition for me to think that he’s got a full gas tank. I’m taking Waltz in a close decsion.
VT 12-22 PSU final