Penn vs. Lehigh Saturday 2 pm

pennThis weekend Lehigh faces Penn and Rider a seemingly easier task than last week’s road trip to Illinois and Northwestern. November 30 Rider beat Penn 21-12. Penn hasn’t had a wrestler at 125lbs this season making the score a bit more exaggerated after the forfeit.

#25 Rider def. Penn, 21-12
133: Caleb Richardson (Penn) DEC #19 Rob Deutsch (Rider), 3-2 Penn leads, 3-0
141: Jeff Canfora (Penn) DEC Chuck Zeisloft (Rider), 6-4 Penn leads, 6-0
149: #13 C.J. Cobb (Penn) DEC B.J. Clagon (Rider), 4-2 SV2 Penn leads, 9-0
157: Chad Walsh (Rider) DEC Brooks Martino (Penn), 9-7 Penn leads, 9-3
165: Connor Brennan (Rider) DEC Quinton Hiles (Penn) 9-3 Penn leads, 9-6
174: Ryan Wolfe (Rider) DEC Dan McDevitt (Penn), 10-7 Match tied, 9-9
184: #3 Lorenzo Thomas (Penn) DEC Clint Morrison (Rider), 5-3 SV Penn leads, 12-9
197: Donald McNeil (Rider) DEC Carson Stack (Penn), 11-5 Match tied, 12-12
285: Greg Velasco (Rider) DEC Patrik Garren (Penn), 4-0 Rider leads, 15-12
Lehigh has 3 weights that will be game time decision 157, 174 and 197. Penn hasn’t finalized their lineup either and likely will be making a few match side decision. I’m going with some assumptions. They could be wrong.
125: Rider wins by forfeit Rider leads, 21-12
Even though Rider beat Penn. I think that the Penn lineup makes for an interesting match up. Because Lehigh has at least 3 unsettled weight classes and this is the second day of competition I’m making guesses as they likely be based on 50% of the right information. Penn won’t confirm their lineup either.
The Mountain Hawks take to the mat against Penn this Saturday at 2 PM. Penn’s lineup makes for some exciting matches for Lehigh’s best wrestlers.

Starting at 125lbs Penn has been forfeiting but Marc Mastropietro, Fr. (0-0) is listed on the roster and might be able to get down to this weight. He’s wrestled 133 this season. If he gets down here for the first time this season it could affect his cardio and mental approach. Parker wins by decision.
133 Mason Beckman will face Caleb Richardson (Blair), a national qualifier last season. Richardson lost early at the keystone Classic two weeks ago but came back to finish 3rd and beat fellow national qualifier Dom Malone in the process. Beckman recently beat Malone by a wider margin, however it was a tight match until the 3rd period. Beckman is a solid favorite in this match but needs to be aggressive and push the pace with Richardson. Beckman’s only loss this season was to Jimmy Gulibon, since then he’s won with the largest margin of victory coming against Malone the best of his competition besides Guilbon.
141 Randy Cruz will likely face either Andrew Lenzi, Sr. (3-2) or Jeff Canfora, Sr. (5-3) neither wrestled at the keystone Classic and they split time in the only duals that Penn wrestled this season. Cafora lost a 1-point match to Gardiner last season. Has Randy’s success on the road trip to Illinois helped him mentally feel more dominant, at least on the mat? It should be a close match with the edge going to Cruz if he pushes the neutral position pace.
149 Longo will have his hands full with Cobb. Cobb has been in and out of the line up this season with injuries. He’s looked really good when in the line up but has had trouble with going hard the full 7 minutes. Longo kept it close with Tsirtsis. If he can do that again he might be able to steal the match in the 3rd period as his style matches up well with Cobb; as long as his cardio isn’t 100%. If Cobb is healthy and cardio is better, it might be a major for Cobb. They both have an aggressive fun style to watch. This should be an entertaining match to watch.
157 not sure yet. If Milonas is back in the line up he can beat either Penn wrestler. Bethea is the better of the two young men listed for Penn but he breaks good position and has had trouble with his cardio earlier this season. Both Bethea and Milonas are freshman with power and dynamic abilities but Milonas keeps good position much better and this helps him win. If it’s Switzer the match is a toss up.
165 Martinez will have a tough match with Quinton Hiles. Martinez has faced much stiffer competition this season and it’s hard to get a handle on this one. Toss up, most aggressive wrestler wins the match.

174 Joe Heyob, Fr. (6-4) or Dan McDevitt, vs Peppelman. Heyob seems to be the better wrestler early in the season. He took 5th at the Keystone Classic and McDevitt DNP. Peppelman has faced much stiffer completion this season and looks to be a favorite against both wrestlers if he opens up and scores. If not this match could go to SV. Slight edge Peppelman
184 Lorenzo Thomas will face Nate Brown. I’m really looking forward to this match. Both wrestlers have lost to #2 Max Thomusseit in two point matches. Both guys will be on the podium this March. Ranking services have these guys right next to each other and depending on the service each one is ranked above or below each other. I like the way both of these wrestlers go about their matches with Brown looking a bit more like a wrestler and Thomas looking a bit more like an all around athlete. A super close match, I’m going with Brown by a takedown in SV.
197: Carson Stack, So. (1-2) vs Elliot Riddick. Riddick has faced much tougher competition this season and is steadily climbing the rankings ladder after his two weight class jump in the off season. Stack hasn’t shown much so far. If Riddick opens it up this could end in a major decision. Bolich is currently singed up for the NLO this weekend. If he goes I see Riddick wrestling against both Penn and Rider.
285: Patrik Garren, Fr. (2-3) vs Doug Vallaro. Vallaro is a 285lber in the making. He’s mentally grown a bunch since last season. Garren is someone that he can open it up against. Garren DNP at the keystone Classic and is 1-1 in duals against fair competition. If Doug is going to AA this season he’ll need to be able to separate from the pack. He recently beat Brooks Black for the first time since middle school. Edge Vallaro. Should be a major decision.

Penn vs. Lehigh Probable Lineup
125: Forfeit but. Vs. Scott Parker Edge 0-6
133: Caleb Richardson, So. (10-2) vs. #8 Mason Beckman Edge 0-9
141: Jeff Canfora, Sr. (5-3) Vs. #18 Randy Cruz 0-13
149: #13 C.J. Cobb, Sr. Edge MD vs. Drew Longo 3-13
157: May Bethea, Fr. (6-4) vs. Milonas edge or Switzer toss up. 3-16(Milonas) 6-13 (Switzer)
165: Quinton Hiles, So. (7-4) vs. Santiago Martinez toss up
174: Joe Heyob, Fr. (6-4) or Dan McDevitt, So. (7-3) vs Marshal Peppleman edge
184: #3-5 3 Lorenzo Thomas, Sr. (9-1) vs #3-5 Nate Brown edge
197: Carson Stack, So. (1-2) vs #15 Elliot Riddick edge major
285: Patrik Garren, Fr. (2-3) vs Doug Vallaro major
Final score Penn 9 Lehigh 30
Rider is a good team that recently knocked of B1G Wisconsin on criteria. There is so much guessing about the lineup that I’m going to save this preview and share it after I see what happens tomorrow against Penn.

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