Preseeds Announced for 2015 Defense Soap & Flips Wrestling Southern Scuffle

We are just two days away from the opening match at the 2015 Defense Soap & Flips Wrestling Southern Scuffle. The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s McKenzie Arena is transforming into a premier wrestling venue and teams are starting to arrive in the Scenic City. has already broken down all 10 brackets with its #LetsScuffle previews, and things really get cranking with today’s release of the preseeds. Penn State and Oklahoma State lead the way with 11 each, while Missouri is next with 10. Cornell, Nebraska and Virginia each have seven.
“When you look at the depth of this tournament, it shows why it is one of the best events in wrestling,” stated UTC head coach Heath Eslinger. “Anytime you have All-Americans filling in the No. 3, four and five spots, you know it is a deep tournament.”
The Cowboys have three No. 1s, led by NCAA Champion Alex Dieringer at 165. NCAA runner-up Josh Kindig is atop to the 149 bracket, while fourth-ranked Austin Marsden is No. 1 at heavyweight.
Cornell has a pair of top seeds in defending Scuffle champs in Nahshon Garrett at 125 and Gabe Dean at 184. Garrett was an NCAA finalist last season, while Dean was an All-American.
Missouri’s returning NCAA Champ J’Den Cox is No. 1 at 197 while the Tigers’ Lavion Mayes is No. 1 at 141. Nebraska’s three-time All-American James Green leads the way at 157. The Huskers’ top-ranked Robert Kokesh is No. 1 at 174. Penn State is represented by last year’s Scuffle finalist Jimmy Gulibon at 133.
The host Mocs have four seeded in the tournament. Senior Sean Boyle is No. 11 at 125 and Senior Nick Soto is No. 6 at 133. Soto finished fourth at 133 last season and was second as a freshman in 2012. Senior Shawn Greevy is No. 12 at 149, while junior John Lampe is No. 12 at 184.
“This tournament is a lot like nationals where being seeded puts you in a good position,” added Eslinger. “Soto and Boyle have been ranked all season, while Greevy and Lampe are benefitting from some strong results in recent weeks.”
The 2015 Defense Soap and Flips Wrestling Southern Scuffle takes place at the McKenzie Arena in Chattanooga, Tenn., on Jan. 1-2. For tickets, local attractions and hotel information, visit
Flowrestling and Trackwrestling provide complete coverage of the event through live video and live scoring. Links for both are on
Once again, the official hashtag of the Southern Scuffle is #LetsScuffle. Last year, the tournament trended nationally on social media. Be sure to use the #LetsScuffle hashtag when tweeting about the 2015 tournament.

1. Nahshon Garrett- Cornell
2. Alan Waters- Missouri
3. Jordan Conaway- Penn State
4. Tyler Cox- Wyoming
5. Darian Cruz- Lehigh
6. Eddie Klimara- Oklahoma State
7. Evan Silver- Stanford
8. Trey Andrews- Northern Colorado
9. Tim Lambert- Nebraska
10. Max Soria- Buffalo
11. Sean Boyle- Chattanooga
12. Dalton Macri- Unattached
1. Jimmy Gulibon- Penn State
2. Mason Beckman- Lehigh
3. Rossi Bruno- Michigan
4. George DiCamillo- Virginia
5. Earl Hall- Iowa State
6. Nick Soto- Chattanooga
7. Mark Grey- Cornell
8. Mackenzie McGuire- Kent State
9. Kevin Devoy- Drexel
10. Matt Manley- Missouri
11. Troy Heilmann- North Carolina
12. Gary Wayne Harding- Oklahoma State
1. Lavion Mayes- Missouri
2. Zach Horan- Central Michigan
3. Geo Martinez- Boise State
4. Joe Spisak- Virginia
5. Joey Ward- North Carolina
6. Anthony Abidin- Nebraska
7. Randy Cruz- Lehigh
8. Dean Heil- Oklahoma State
9. Tyler Small- Kent State
10. Dante Rodriguez- Iowa State
11. David Pearce- Drexel
12. Brandon Gambucci- Duke
1. Josh Kindig- Oklahoma State
2. Drake Houdashelt- Missouri
3. Dyllan Cottrell- Appalachian State
4. Gus Sako- Virginia
5. Alec Pantelo- Michigan
6. Gabe Moreno- Iowa State
7. Edgar Bright – Pittsburgh
8. Zach Beitz- Penn State
9. Michael DePalma- Kent State
10. Luke Frey- Penn State
11. Mike Racciato- Pittsburgh
12. Shawn Greevy – Chattanooga
1. James Green- Nebraska
2. Ian Miller- Kent State
3. Brian Realbuto- Cornell
4. Mitch Minotti- Lehigh
5. Dylan Alton- Penn State
6. Joseph LaValle- Missouri
7. Russell Parson- Army
8. Anthony Collica- Oklahoma State
9. Steven Hernandez- Boise State
10. Brian Murphy- Michigan
11. Tommy Gantt- North Carolina State
12. Immanuel Kerr-Brown- Duke
1. Alex Dieringer- Oklahoma State
2. Nick Sulzer- Virginia
3. Dylan Palacio- Cornell
4. Jim Wilson- Stanford
5. Peyton Walsh- Navy
6. Mike England- Missouri
7. Austin Trott- Gardner Webb
8. Austin Wilson- Nebraska
9. Dakota Friesth- Wyoming
10. Chandler Smith- Army
11. Ethan Ramos- North Carolina
12. Chandler Rogers- Oklahoma State
1. Robert Kokesh- Nebraska
2. Matt Brown- Penn State
3. Tyler Wilps- Pittsburgh
4. Tanner Weatherman- Iowa State
5. John Eblen- Missouri
6. Andy McCulley- Wyoming
7. Jordan Rogers- Oklahoma State
8. Keaton Subjeck- Stanford
9. Brian Crutchmer- Oklahoma State
10. John Staudenmayer- North Carolina
11. Bo NIckal- Penn State
12. George Pickett- Cornell
1. Gabe Dean- Cornell
2. Max Thomusseit- Pittsburgh
3. Nate Brown- Lehigh
4. Willie Miklus- Missouri
5. Nolan Boyd- Oklahoma State
6. Matt McCutcheon- Penn State
7. Ben Stroh- Wyoming
8. Dominic Abounader- Michigan
9. Timothy Dudley- Nebraska
10. Jacob Kasper- Duke
11. James Suvak- Virginia
12. John Lampe – Chattanooga
1. J’Den Cox- Missouri
2. Kyven Gadson- Iowa State
3. Conner Hartmann- Duke
4. Morgan McIntosh- Penn State
5. Max Huntley- Michigan
6. Nick Bonaccorsi- Pittsburgh
7. Elliot RIddick- Lehigh
8. Shane Woods- Wyoming
9. Zach Nye- Virginia
10. Jace Bennett- Cornell
11. Bryce Barnes- Army
12. Cole Baxter- Kent State
1. Austin Marsden- Oklahoma State
2. James Lawson- Penn State
3. Adam Coon- Michigan
4. Denzel Dejournette- Appalachian State
5. Riley Shaw- Cleveland State
6. Jon Gingrich- Penn State
7. Devin Mellon- Missouri
8. Collin Jensen- Nebraska
9. Nathan Butler- Stanford
10. Josh Marchok- Stanford
11. Tanner Harms- Wyoming
12. Ethan Hayes- Virginia

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