Southern Scuffle Preview

southern scuffle
On paper (rankings) the teams look to finish
1. OSU
2 Mizzou
3. Cornell
4. PSU
I’d be very surprised if they end in that order.

1. Nahshon Garrett- Cornell Seems to be the best in the field. Exciting wrestler to watch as a fan.
The race is for 2nd place. It’s Waters, Conaway and Cox. If Cruz puts together an entire match he could challenge.
2. Alan Waters- Missouri Very good but hasn’t seemingly developed into a National title contender.
3. Jordan Conaway- Penn State Beat Joey Dance last week can he over take Waters? Yes, he makes the finals.
4. Tyler Cox- Wyoming I don’t see him finishing above 5th.
5. Darian Cruz- Lehigh So talented. A finals showing would be really good development for his red shirt year.
6. Eddie Klimara- Oklahoma State Can he climb the ladder after a dreadful last 8 months?
7. Evan Silver- Stanford
8. Trey Andrews- Northern Colorado- Dark Horse to crash the semifinals.
9. Tim Lambert- Nebraska
10. Max Soria- Buffalo
11. Sean Boyle- Chattanooga
12. Dalton Macri- Unattached A top 8 finish isn’t beyond the possible.

133 Solid weight class.
1. Jimmy Gulibon- Penn State Can he dominate Beckman again? I think so. I look to see Gulibon dominate the field.
2. Mason Beckman- Lehigh Should be challenged for 2nd place. Needs to open for more success.
3. Rossi Bruno- Michigan Can he takedown Beckman? He does if Beckman wrestles close.
4. George DiCamillo- Virginia Won’t finish this high.
5. Earl Hall- Iowa State I keep thinking that he’s going to develop more.
6. Nick Soto- Chattanooga Over seeded
7. Mark Grey- Cornell First match at 133 this season. How was his weight descent? Is he ready?
8. Mackenzie McGuire- Kent State
9. Kevin Devoy- Drexel Didn’t look great against UNI at G at the G but he’s been on a roll this season. If I were a betting man I’d put money on a higher finish for Devoy. Top 6.
10. Matt Manley- Missouri
11. Troy Heilmann- North Carolina
12. Gary Wayne Harding- Oklahoma State

141 No top 5 guys but plenty of top 20 wrestlers
1. Lavion Mayes- Missouri Seems to be his to lose.
2. Zach Horan- Central Michigan I keep thinking that Horan will make a jump, it hasn’t happened yet.
3. Geo Martinez- Boise State
4. Joe Spisak- Virginia
5. Joey Ward- North Carolina
6. Anthony Abidin- Nebraska
7. Randy Cruz- Lehigh How many wrestlers will take bottom when wrestling Cruz? I think that Cruz will finish higher. Over under on cradles is 5
8. Dean Heil- Oklahoma State
9. Tyler Small- Kent State
10. Dante Rodriguez- Iowa State
11. David Pearce- Drexel Has put together a good season. Might crack top 8.
12. Brandon Gambucci- Duke

1. Josh Kindig- Oklahoma State Consistency has been the issue.
2. Drake Houdashelt- Missouri I think Drake wins the weight class.
3. Dyllan Cottrell- Appalachian State Has had some very good matches this season. We’ll see how he does against top competition.
4. Gus Sako- Virginia
5. Alec Pantelo- Michigan
6. Gabe Moreno- Iowa State
7. Edgar Bright – Pittsburgh Interesting that Pitt has Bright here up from 141 and Racciato. Is this for the spot?
8. Zach Beitz- Penn State Will finish higher than 8th.
9. Michael DePalma- Kent State
10. Luke Frey- Penn State?
11. Mike Racciato- Pittsburgh Has had a challenge changing up his style from wide open counter wrestler to being more aggressive. Could still finish top 8.
12. Shawn Greevy – Chattanooga

1. James Green- Nebraska The match between Green and Miller at NWCA was super fun. Can anyone stop a rematch?
2. Ian Miller- Kent State One of the more exciting wrestlers.
3. Brian Realbuto- Cornell Is he ready for prime time?
4. Mitch Minotti- Lehigh Looked good at Grapple at the Garden. Exciting.
5. Dylan Alton- Penn State First competition since surgery. How will his cardio be? Lots of rumors surrounding his recovery. We’ll get to see what’s up. I’m not expecting much from him.
6. Joseph LaValle- Missouri
7. Russell Parson- Army
8. Anthony Collica- Oklahoma State Won the spot over lots of highly ranked recruits. What will he do with it?
9. Steven Hernandez- Boise State
10. Brian Murphy- Michigan
11. Tommy Gantt- North Carolina State
12. Immanuel Kerr-Brown- Duke
WIld Card Jason Nolf Penn State RFr He’s a new entry into most exciting wrestlers in college. After watching him at some opens I think that he could qualify for Nationals now. How much has he grown since November? I think that he’ll finish top 8. Out placing teammates along the way.
Wild Card Chance Marsteller OSU-So many rumors? He’s a stud. I hope that he’s ‘on’ and out places Collica.
1. Alex Dieringer- Oklahoma State Maybe the 2nd most dominant wrestler besides Logan S. He’ll dominate the weight class.
2. Nick Sulzer- Virginia Very tough wrestler, can he hold off Palacio?
3. Dylan Palacio- Cornell First competition of the year. I’m guessing that he’ll be ready but not hitting on all cylinders.
4. Jim Wilson- Stanford
5. Peyton Walsh- Navy
6. Mike England- Missouri has a good chance to finish top 4.
7. Austin Trott- Gardner Webb
8. Austin Wilson- Nebraska
9. Dakota Friesth- Wyoming
10. Chandler Smith- Army
11. Ethan Ramos- North Carolina
12. Chandler Rogers- Oklahoma State Big? Learning along the way.
WIld Card-Garrett Hammond could make a run for 8th place.
1. Robert Kokesh- Nebraska Consistently solid – wins it.
2. Matt Brown- Penn State Hasn’t really developed much since his sophomore season. 2nd
3. Tyler Wilps- Pittsburgh Can he upset Brown and get into the finals? it will be close but no cigar for Wilps.
4. Tanner Weatherman- Iowa State
5. John Eblen- Missouri
6. Andy McCulley- Wyoming
7. Jordan Rogers- Oklahoma State
8. Keaton Subjeck- Stanford
9. Brian Crutchmer- Oklahoma State
10. John Staudenmayer- North Carolina Has had a very good early season.
11. Bo NIckal- Penn State RFr
12. George Pickett- Cornell
184 I hope that we get a 1 vs. 2 finals.
1. Gabe Dean- Cornell Looked less tentative at the Grapple at the Garden. I think that he wins a close finals match. If he’s really back and aggressive (he needs to be really aggressive to really dominate) the finals are that close.
2. Max Thomusseit- Pittsburgh took over #1 in country when Dean had a bad CK in LV. He’s beaten lots of top competition so far this season.
3. Nate Brown- Lehigh Has been tough versus top competition this season. Not quite at the top 2 guys level yet. Exciting to watch.
4. Willie Miklus- Missouri
5. Nolan Boyd- Oklahoma State
6. Matt McCutcheon- Penn State A RFr that is a grinder, no flash in his game. He’s developing consistency. Finishes 5-6
7. Ben Stroh- Wyoming
8. Dominic Abounader- Michigan
9. Timothy Dudley- Nebraska
10. Jacob Kasper- Duke
11. James Suvak- Virginia
12. John Lampe – Chattanooga
197 This looks to be an exciting weight class.
1. J’Den Cox- Missouri Love the way he wrestles. Both guys have beaten top highly ranked opponents.
2. Kyven Gadson- Iowa State Can challenge Cox but I see Cox winning – it should be a fun match.
3. Conner Hartmann- Duke Good season but a bad match with some of the quick big guys.
4. Morgan McIntosh- Penn State hasn’t looked very good this season against top talent?
5. Max Huntley- Michigan
6. Nick Bonaccorsi- Pittsburgh I think the he finishes higher than Huntley but below Riddick.
7. Elliot RIddick- Lehigh Undersized but very talented. Lost to PSU MM on a silly stalling call. Wastes energy on some no chance out of position shots. Top 6 finish
8. Shane Woods- Wyoming
9. Zach Nye- Virginia
10. Jace Bennett- Cornell
11. Bryce Barnes- Army
12. Cole Baxter- Kent State
1. Austin Marsden- Oklahoma State
2. James Lawson- Penn State Just back from injury and had a big win vs. VT’s Waltz. I see him winning 285
3. Adam Coon- Michigan Has been night and day since the end of last year. Nagging injuries? I don’t see him making his seed.
4. Denzel Dejournette- Appalachian State Has looked very good against average competition so far this season. he has the tools to be an AA this season.
5. Riley Shaw- Cleveland State
6. Jon Gingrich- Penn State Was the starter then got hurt and Lawson tore it up in his absence.
7. Devin Mellon- Missouri
8. Collin Jensen- Nebraska
9. Nathan Butler- Stanford
10. Josh Marchok- Stanford
11. Tanner Harms- Wyoming
12. Ethan Hayes- Virginia
Wild Card Nick Nevills Penn State RFr. Again all sort of rumors swirling about NN. He’s looked very good at the opens. I don’t think that he’ll place.

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