Wrestling Excitement Index Additions-links fixed

With the departure of David Taylor, Ed Ruth, Tony Ramos and Joe Colon I wanted to put together a list of guys that you should make sure to watch this season. You can see my original excitement index here. After 6 weeks of wrestling I’m adding to my list. These wrestlers create action, even when others try to slow them down. Make a point to watch them this season even if they wrestle for teams that you root against. None of these guys are national champions, yet– some might never be. Regardless, I appreciate their style and mindset. Good luck to all this season and thanks for growing the sport by being so entertaining.

Jason Nolf – TFr Penn State – Great always attacking mindset. This guy has shades of David Taylor (not as tall). He will entertain new or non-fans. Let’s hope that he stays healthy for the next 5 years.
Randy Cruz – So Lehigh So – loves the cradle. In the last couple of weeks other wrestlers are not choosing the bottom position against him.
Kevin Devoy – Rso – Drexel is a national qualifier and has knocked off a few NQ’s this season, one by pin. Looks to score from all positions. Don’t be surprised to see him AA this year.
Nate Brown – Jr Lehigh – After a good “shirt year” he’s pushing the action, bringing the energy and is aggressive.
CJ Cobb – Sr Penn – Had a burst match at the NWCA. Has been slowed a bit by a knee injury. Injury free he sets a strong pace that is tough to keep up with.
BJ Clagon – RFr Rider – Highly touted high school recruit. He’s quick from all positions but especially neutral. He can take anyone down. Ask national champ Jason Tsirtsis. As he gets more experience expect to see him grow quickly.
Chad Walsh – RFr Rider – His older brother Taylor is on my first index listing. Chad has some slick neutral attacks. As he gets more college experience expect even more entertaining matches.
Elliot Riddick – So Lehigh – Even up 2 weight classes this year, Elliot takes the approach of aggressiveness up to the 197lb weight class. He looks faster than everyone he wrestlers. Great shots from space and wants to push the pace.
Bo Nickal – TFr Penn State Aggressive against all levels of competition.

D3 Christopher Chorzepa – So Williams College – He’s aggressive and tough especially from the top position. He’s fun to watch and could wrestle at any level. Watching Chorzepa wrestle Kowal, Stevens Tech will be a fun match at nationals.

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