Scuffle finals matches

Lots of great match up tonight
125: # 2 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) vs. # 3 Alan Waters (Missouri)
133: # 8 Rossi Bruno (Michigan) vs. # 13 Earl Hall (Iowa State)
141: # 8 Lavion Mayes (Missouri) vs. # 17 Geo Martinez (Boise State)
149: # 2 Josh Kindig (Oklahoma State) vs. # 4 Drake Houdashelt (Missouri)
157: # 2 James Green (Nebraska) vs. Jason Nolf (Penn State) wow true freshman
165: # 1 Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma State) vs. # 2 Nick Sulzer (Virginia)
174: # 1 Robert Kokesh (Nebraska) vs. No. # 4 Matt Brown (Penn State)
184: # 1 Max Thomusseit (Pittsburgh) vs. # 7 Gabe Dean (Cornell)
197: # 3 J’den Cox (Missouri) vs. # 5 Conner Hartmann (Duke)
285: # 4 Austin Marsden (Oklahoma State) vs. # 8 Adam Coon (Michigan)
Great round of wrestling
No. 2 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) maj. dec. No. 10 Tyler Cox (Wyoming), 11-3
No. 3 Alan Waters (Missouri) dec. No. 11 Eddie Klimara (Oklahoma State), 5-4

No. 13 Earl Hall (Iowa State) dec. No. 5 Jimmy Gulibon (Penn State), 5-2
No. 8 Rossi Bruno (Michigan) dec. No. 6 Mason Beckman (Lehigh), 7-5 SV

No. 8 Lavion Mayes (Missouri) dec. No. 14 Joey Ward (North Carolina), 5-3
No. 17 Geo Martinez (Boise State) pinned No. 10 Zach Horan (Central Michigan), 1:41

No. 2 Josh Kindig (Oklahoma State) dec. Edgar Bright (Pittsburgh), 3-2
No. 4 Drake Houdashelt (Missouri) dec. No. 17 Zack Beitz (Penn State), 3-2

No. 2 James Green (Nebraska) dec. Aaron Walker (The Citadel), 4-2
Jason Nolf (Penn State) dec. No. 12 Russ Parsons (Army), 6-1

No. 1 Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma State) tech. fall No. 15 Peyton Walsh (Navy), 18-1
No. 2 Nick Sulzer (Virginia) dec. Chance Marsteller (Oklahoma State), 10-3

No. 1 Robert Kokesh (Nebraska) dec. John Eblen (Missouri), 5-2
No. 4 Matt Brown (Penn State) dec. No. 5 Tyler Wilps (Pittsburgh), 6-5

No. 7 Gabe Dean (Cornell) dec. No. 9 Willie Miklus (Missouri), 6-3
No. 1 Max Thomusseit (Pittsburgh) dec. No. 3 Nate Brown (Lehigh), 3-1

No. 3 J’den Cox (Missouri) dec. No. 4 Morgan McIntosh (Penn State), 2-1
No. 5 Conner Hartmann (Duke) dec. No. 15 Elliot Riddick (Lehigh), 4-2

No. 4 Austin Marsden (Oklahoma State) maj. dec. Nick Nevills (Penn State), 11-3
No. 8 Adam Coon (Michigan) dec. Devin Mellon (Missouri), 10-3
Great round of wrestling at the Scuffle! Anyone can beat anybody, see Gadsen’s loss (look at my tweets to the right); there have been plenty of upsets. Today’s competition proves that mindset and training can beat history and/or unprepared talent. Facts: Penn State’s true freshmen are for real. Okie State’s Chance Marstellar had a great day for himself and may have put to bed the rumors that have been swirling around for the last couple months. Alex Derringer, Gabe Dean and Jimmy Gulibon all looked very dominant.
Great tournament so far, hope tomorrow’s just as good. Can’t wait for the Quarterfinals below. Follow me here and on twitter for live play-by-play coverage of the championship bracket. Happy New Year!

Scuffle Quarterfinals
Garrett-Cornell vs. Lambert Neb
Forys-Pitt vs. Cox-Wyo
Willeford Cleveland state vs. Kilmara Okie St
Boyle-Chat vs. Waters-Mizzou
Gulibon-PSU vs Devoy-Drexel
Hall-ISU vs. DiCamillio-UVA
Bruno-Mich vs. Heilmann UNC
Grey-Corn vs. Beckman-Lehigh

Mayes-Mizzou vs Heil Okie State
Ward UNC vs. Arujau-Corn
Martinez Boise State vs Abidin Neb
Locsin-Stan vs. Horan C Mich

Kindig-Okie State vs. Frey-PSU
Bright-Pitt vs Moreno ISU
Cimato-Drexel vs. Bietz-PSU
Racciato-Pitt vs. Houdashelt-Mizzou

Green-Neb vs Collica-Okie State
Alton-PSU vs. Walker-CIT
Nolf-PSU vs. Grantt-UNI unattached
Parsons-Army vs Hvolbek-Stan

Dieringer-Okie State vs. Friesth-WYO
Palacio-Corn vs Marstellar-Okie State Unattached
Smith-Army vs. Sulzer-UVA

Kokesh-NEB vs. Crutchmer-Okie State
Eblen-Mizzou vs Weatherman-ISU
WIlps-Pitt vs McCulley-WYO
Rogers-Okie State vs Brown-PSU

Gabe Dean-Corn vs Abounader-Mich
Boyd-Okie State vs. Miklus-Mizzou
Brown-Lehigh vs. McCutcheon-PSU
Stroh-WYO vs. Thomusseit-Pitt

Cox-Mizzou vs. Nye-UVA
Huntley-Mich vs. McIntosh-PSU
Hartmann-Duke vs Barnes-Army
Riddick vs. Johnson-NEB
Marsden-Okie State vs Jensen-Neb
Shaw-Clev.State vs Nevills-PSU
Coon-Mich vs. Gingrich_PSU
Mellon-Mizzou vs Johnson-Chat

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