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Iowa vs. Penn State takes place this week in State College Pa. Last season Penn State traveled to Iowa for a decisive 24-12 road victory. Iowa comes in ranked #1 in the country and favored in 6/7 of the expected match ups, of the remaining, they look like toss ups of closely ranked wrestlers. Penn State looks to set another attendance record at the Bryce Jordan Center. If they do, it may be the most exciting part of the day for PSU fans. Last week some of the PSU wrestlers fed off the crowd energy to give #1 Minnesota a tougher match than many expected. Can the huge home crowd give a boost to the Penn State wrestlers?

125-#5 Gilman major decision over #8 Conaway Iowa 4-0 Gilman’s style is too physical for Conaway. While Conaway owns a victory over the same Joey Dance that beat Gilman in SV back in December, I don’t think that he’ll be competitive due to style. If Conaway wins it will be his best victory to date.
133- #6 Gulibon decision over #3 Clark Iowa 4-3 This is a toss up but if Gulibon is aggressive I think that he’s a tough stylistic match up for Clark. Clark doesn’t have the quickness of some of the wrestlers that have beaten JG this season and JG will be stronger than Clark.
141-#6 Dziewa decision over Moss Iowa 7-3 Jevva has been inconsistent for most of his career but doesn’t have any huge losses this year. That said, if Moss gets the first takedown of the match all bets are off. Dziewa is a PA kid and might have a contingent of folks from Eastern PA there to see him, added expectations and extra pressure.
149-#1 Sorenson fall over #17 Beitz Iowa 13-3. Sorenson seems to be getting better with each match. I think he’ll pin Beitz from the top position. The only hope for Penn State fans is that the grind and travel of the B1G season is getting to the Iowa freshman. That’s grabbing at straws, because there is no evidence to that effect yet.
157 Law/Frey/#5 Alton over #12 Kelly Iowa 13-6 I’m guessing that Cael is keeping Alton out in hopes that he’s 100% for B1G’s in a few weeks. Last season unranked freshman Beitz soundly beat Kelly. Kelly has definitely improved but stylistically I think that Law or Frey have the attack style to get in on low ankle attacks, they might also get a bump from the crowd excitement.
165-Moore decision over Hammond Iowa 16-6 Moore is the better wrestler and PSU fans hope that David Taylor has worked with Hammond on effective low attacks that Moore has typically had trouble defending. Either way I don’t think that Moore can open up bonus points on Hammond. Generally Hammond knows how to keep losses to opponents not in the top 8.
174 #3 Brown decision over #2 Evans Iowa 16-9. I didn’t think that Brown was going to beat Storley last week and he did so. Decisively. These two guys have gone back and forth with each other for the last 3 years, each winning 3 matches over each other. I think that the home crowd feeds Brown, even though Evens is a central PA product and should have more than a few of his own fans at BJC.
184 #10 Brooks over #18 McCutcheon Iowa 19-9 Brooks is a better wrestler and at his ideal weight but if McCutcheon is active and feeds off the crowd’s energy this could be an upset special.
197 #6 McIntosh decision over #4 Burak Iowa 19-12 This will be a close one that could go either way. I pick Mc because I think his style is effective against Burak who doesn’t have the speed and length kryptonite that shuts down Mc. Wile the crowd may be quiet by this point in the match I think that he gets it done at home.
285-Telford decision over Lawson Iowa 21-12 Telford has a size advantage and is wrestling better than last year. In last year’s match Lawson almost pulled off the upset at the end of the match. While Lawson has been splitting time with Gingrich, he’s won the spot and a win here would send a message to the rest of the stacked B1G 285ers
I think that this is a much bigger match for Iowa than Penn State. Iowa is expected to win and I think that Brand’s job is on the line this season. That being said I’m sure that Coach Sanderson would like a competitive match but not at the expense of his best line up for B1G in a month.
All that being said I’m not very good at picking matches, few people are. My 5-year old daughter has a better track record than I have.
I generally like Flo and Willie Saylor, but if you watch The White Board War preview of this match you got some weird information. I will only expand on Dylan Alton right now. First of all the likelihood of him being in the lineup for this match seems pretty slim considering he’s missed the last few matches since he tweaked his shoulder. As most people know, Cael Sanderson is most concerned with people doing well in March, not Feb. Second of all, both commentators mention Dylan’s lack of Cardio – they’re either confusing him for his brother Andrew or referring to a match last year when he had just returned form injury. Dylan Alton recently beat #5 rated Ohio state wrestler Josh Demas in sudden victory overtime. In the same segment they mention that Alton wrestles like Dylan Ness and while Dylan Alton can uncork a throw from time to time, are they just confusing the Altons? If they’re trying to building a base of knowledgeable true fans they should do some more preparation. For a more accurate prediction ask your pet.

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