Bracket link and initial thoughts

Team results based on seeds only.
Team Total AA
Missouri 90 5
Iowa 83 7
Ohio State 78.5 6
Cornell 66 4
Minnesota 65.5 5
Penn State 49.5 4
Oklahoma State 44.5 3
Northwestern 40.5 3
Nebraska 35.5 2
Illinois 32 2
Michigan 27 3

125 2 x Champ Jesse Delgado unseeded, very tough road for him. Dance gets Conaway, who beat him in the dual. Then Gilman. Tough bottom half. The winner of that gets the EIWA-OW Garrett.
133 Makes you wonder if they are biased against Minnesota #9 AJ Schopp if he’s healthy and gets past Devoy runs right into #1 Dardanes. Wow, will Dardanes ever do well at nationals?
141 looks almost safe.
At 149lbs Kindig goes from being a finalist to unseeded. Watch out #3 Habat.
157 looks fun
165 The Jordans are on opposite sides. Can Bo get to Dieringer?
174 Nate Brown deserved a higher seed.
197 Top half of 197 is tough. Morgan McIntosh is away from kryptonite J’den Cox.
285 bottom half of bracket looks tougher to me than the top half. Scratch Lehigh’s Doug Vollaro. Out with an injury suffered in his last match at EIWAs.

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