2015 World Cup Preview Willie Saylor on Apr 10, 2015

flo wrestling
by Mike Malinconico

Sssshhhhh can you hear that? It’s a faint whisper. No one really wants to say it out loud, but everyone is thinking it. The US is poised to win its first world cup in a very long time.
For those of you that are out of the international wrestling loop, the World Cup is Earth’s best dual meet tournament. It sets country vs. country for world supremacy.
The US rattled off five wins in a row from 1999-2003, but haven’t really done much since. That could definitely change in 2015. The timing is right, the place is right and the team is definitely right. The 2015 World Cup will be wrestled in Inglewood, California this Saturday and Sunday (April 11 and 12), and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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