UFC announces new anti-doping policy, possible 4-year suspension for first time users

The UFC made good on its promise to create an innovative athlete marketing and drug-testing program, announcing on Wednesday a partnership with the United States Anti-Doping Agency to become an independent administrator of its new policy.
The program, which will begin testing UFC athletes on July 1, is intended to protect fighters and give them a level playing field when they step into the Octagon.
Jeff Novitzky, the UFC’s new vice president of athlete health and performance, called the program “the most comprehensive, effective, best in all of professional sports.”
Added Travis Tygart, USADA’s executive director, “Given the independence, the transparency and the robustness of the policy that’s going to be implemented, it’s the top of all professional sports around the world.”
In addition, the UFC said it is connecting with two companies, Fusionetics and EXOS, designed to help athletes with cutting-edge training programs, nutrition, recovery from injuries and other performance-enhancing and wellness techniques.
“The goal is to reduce injuries and optimize performance,” said Lawrence Epstein, UFC executive vice president and Chief Operating Officer.
The organization also conducted a two-day summit this week with 50 emerging athletes who attended classes on health, wellness, training, financial planning and social media training.
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