United World Wrestling Rankings, 10 Americans in rankings

Ranked Americans
57kg: 13th Tony Ramos
brent metcalf65kg: 5th Brent Metcalf, 19th Jordan Oliver
70kg: 11th Nick Marable, seems a little low after a nice World Cup, 15th Dustin Schlatter
74kg: 2nd Jordan Burroughs. You might think that getting a tech over #3 Azcuy at Salsa in the Square might get David Taylor some respect. You’d be wrong.
86kg: 15th Clayton Foster. Neither Ruth nor Herbert are ranked.
97kg: 17th Jake Varner. Lacerra he Cuban that Kyle Snyder beat at Salsa in the Square is 6th.
125kg: 9th Tervel Dlagnev, 15th Zach Rey
Full rankings here

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