Weighing In with Vincenzo Joseph

Video interview link
Here are some of the questions I asked Vincenzo.
1. What was your summer like at Penn State?
2 College wrestling changes in your game?
3 You had a dominating post season run culminating in a 2nd PIAA championship, can you tell us about your mind set along the way? From your perspective was it easier this time around?
4 How do you stay hungry?
5 What is wrestling to you? Worked, fun etc.?
6 Tell me about your weight and weight cutting?
7 History wrestling Freddy Stroker?
8 Recruiting process? 5 official visits taken. Cody primary contact.
9 Wrestling at Junior trails. Workout partners. What about wrestling. Goals at PSU and beyond.
10 Freestyle and Folkstyle
11 Excited about the PSU team.

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