Interview with Rutgers Coach Scott Goodale

scott goodale
Today I caught up with Rutgers wrestling coach Scott Goodale. He’s been at the helm of Rutgers for nearly a decade. The team has had an All American each of the last 2 seasons. However in the B1G that’s kind of low on the pecking order. This year’s team looks to be better than last season if they can remain healthy. New Jersey is a hotbed of wrestling that can be easily over looked due to its location next to Pennsylvania. It’s worth noting that NJ high school wrestling produced a gold and bronze medal at the recent World Championships. Goodale has been under pressure to recruit and produce with all the talent in the area. Moving to the B1G is a mixed blessing: more visibility but also more competition for the top recruits. I hadn’t talked to Coach since prior to the B1G championships last season. The Rutgers lineup looks to be the best that I’ve seen under Goodale’s tenure.
Here are some of the questions I throw at Coach Goodale.
1. Reflections on the 1st season in the B1G.
2. How has recruiting changed with back-to-back AA’s & entry into the B1G?
3. Goals for the season? What is the team culture right now?
4. Last year you added NJ native Donnie Pritzloft to your staff.
5. How does Rutgers view wrestling as a sport?
6. The SKWC recently added Tyler Graff, Josh Demas and Ziad Haddad. What is your vision for the club?