Lehigh Brown & White Wrestle-Offs

It’s the typical quiet affair – no one is cheering against or for a teammate. Wrestlers sitting in the corners and coaches sitting in the stands with their families convey a casual atmosphere everywhere but on the mat. Just eye balling the crowd, the average age fan seems a bit younger than in previous years. Early season crowd was in a social mood often the crowds murmur over took the match noise.
Like most wrestle-offs, this is a great event; fans can mingle with wrestlers and coaches easily, World Team member Zach Rey was also on hand.
A few things worth noting: this is the first time we saw new NCAA rules in effect including new out of bounds changes and the 4 point near fall. I like the changes but they don’t go far enough. If you want more of something incentivize it. More team points for a pin, eliminate riding time and implement some type of going out of bounds rule or for God’s sake call stalling once in a while. The fans will be happy when the rest of the starters are out on the mat. Lehigh is should be a very good team with better depth than than the last few years.

133lbs Ryan Pomrinca over Dean Somers 9-5.
141 lbs Camden Fischer over David Pipa 6-2.
141lbs Cortland Schuyler over Kent Lane 3-2. These guys had some nice furies and chain wrestling.
149lbs Laike Gardner over Drew Longo 5-3. This was the lone match with loud cheering
149lbs Will Switzer major decision over Brandon Diaz 18-7 with a takedown clinic.
157lbs Ian Brown Cole Walter With a throw/foot sweep to Walter’s back for a quick fall.
165lbs Charlie Sell over Paul Dunn 4-2.
174lbs Andrew Price over Chase Callik (very under sized wrestler for this weight, weighed in at 160) 10-3
174lbs Ben Hass over Elliot Riddick 3-2. Take nothing away from Hass but the weight cut left Riddick flat with a low energy performance. Was this from the weight cut? Will he adjust?
197lbs John Bolich over Thomas Murray 7-1.
285lbs Max Wessell over Christian Colucci tech fall

Nate Brown Interview


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  1. Bucknell v. Lehigh should be a good one next Friday.

    1. Yup, Looking forward to the action. Lehigh has a stacked schedule coming up.

  2. Haas should be warned for stalling after a 3 sec count if he does nothing to improve his position when countering Riddick’s shot. All he did was hang on while Riddick continued to work towards improving his position.

    1. Hass knows what Riddick does and had the right game plan to win. The worst thing about college wrestling is the stalling that is encouraged by the rules and refs.

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