Round Up of Notable Weekend Results. Top 10 Goes Down.

What a crazy weekend of results and it’s not even Thanksgiving. Lots of top ranked guys saw action against each other. A bunch of unranked wrestlers knocked off top ranked foes. At least 30 top 10 wrestlers lost this weekend. The biggest win of the weekend that I saw was #20 Bo Nickal won convincingly in all positions over #2 Zach Epperly. Lehigh is off to a bit of a slow start compared to expectations. Penn State might be #1 after Iowa’s victory over Okie State in front of the largest crowd to watch a D1 match. A big win for Iowa but it doesn’t matter in Iowa City until they win in March. What will Coach Sanderson think of to top 43,000 spectators? Lots of Freshmen are making their presence felt already, Solomon Chishko huge win.
125: #6 Joey Dance VT decision #2 Nico Megaludis PSU, 4-3 (TB)
133lbs #9 Mason Beckman Lehigh loses to #11 Eric Montoya NEB, 6-1. Un-Ranked Brancale (MN) decision Beckman (LEH) 4-1. Beckman has had a tough go of it recently. He’s having a very hard time, harder than normal, getting to his attacks. Not a great start to his senior season.
141lbs Un-Ranked Solomon Chishko VT, decision #1 Jimmy Gulibon PSU, 3-1. No sustained attacks from JG. Is Gulibon too small for 141?
141lbs #15Hudson (HOF) decision #12Neff (LHU) 9-2 . Tough week for Neff going back to the Bearcat Open he hasn’t looked like a returning All American.
157lbs #20 Berger (NEB) decision #7 Minotti (LEH) 7-5.Mitch Minotti has struggled finding his attacks this season.
184lbs #9 Dudley (NEB) decision #4 Brown (LEH) 5-3. Another Lehigh guy having trouble early in the season. I’ve commented before but I don’t think that Lehigh’s strength & conditioning is at the same level as many other top D1 programs.

125lbs Un-ranked Ronnie Rios (Oregon State U) beats #4 Moisey (WVU), 3-2.
125lbs UR Ronnie Rios (OSU) decision #10 Lambert (NEB) 4-3

141lbs #8 Ashnault (RUT) decision #2 Henderson (UNC) 6-4
anthony perrotti
165lbs #14 Perrotti (RUT) WBF Berger (UNI) 7:00
165lbs Perrotti (RUT) decision #3 Ramos (UNC) 6-4
165lbs Un-Ranked Glass (OU) DEC Perrotti (RUT) 6-4
174lbs #20 Bo Nickal PSU decision #2 Zach Epperly VT, 6-2. Nickal went through Epperly like it was no big deal. Epperly looks and is strong but Nickal handled him easily. Welcome to the big time.
285lbs Max Wessell (Lehigh) decision #6 Kroells (Minn) 10-9.

Top 10 wrestlers who lost this weekend:

Weight Wrestler School Ranking
125 Nicholas Megaludis Penn State 2
125 Zeke Moisey West Virginia 4
125 Connor Youtsey Michigan 6
125 Edward Klimara Oklahoma St. 7
125 Tim Lambert Nebraska 10
141 Jimmy Gulibon Penn State 1
141 Evan Henderson North Carolina 2
141 Anthony Abidin Nebraska 8
141 Randy Cruz Lehigh 10
149 Anthony Collica Oklahoma St. 9
149 Collin Heffernan Central Michigan 11
149 BJ Clagon Rider 6
157 Nick Brascetta Virginia Tech 3
157 Mitch Minotti Lehigh 7
157 Cody Pack SDSU 10
165 Ethan Ramos North Carolina 3
165 Jim Wilson Stanford 7
165 Tanner Weatherman Iowa State 8
174 Zach Epperly Virginia Tech 2
174 Alex Meyer Iowa 6
174 Ricky Robertson Wisconsin 10
184 Nathaniel Brown Lehigh 4
184 Kenny Courts Ohio State 10
197 Aaron Studebaker Nebraska 10
197 Zach Nye Virginia 8
197 Nathan Rotert SDSU 9
197 Brett Harner Princeton 7
285 Blaize Cabell Northern Iowa 6
285 Michael Kroells Minnesota 7
285 William Smith Rutgers 9