Rutgers vs. Oregon State University- Preview

The Scarlet Knights travel out to Corvallis Oregon (“ore-eh-gun”) this weekend to take on Oregon State & Utah Valley. I see the OSU match up as a very close dual. I have both teams between 15-20 in dual rankings. OSU gets a ton of west coast recruits just by being there but might not have the same depth as Rutgers. This is a chance for Rutgers to spread its recruiting shadow to the Pacific Northwest, which has many pockets of hotbed high school wrestling. I see each team being favored in 3 matches. The remaining 4 matches will decide the dual. I think that the RU wrestling room is just a bit tougher and more competitive to get into the starting lineup. That has given the Rutgers team an edge in dual performance this season. Will the cross-country travel and time change affect the team? I think so; the 3-hour difference and air travel affects professionals too. The normal practice time for the RU squad is 3-4:30 PM the match is scheduled for 2PM PST (5PM EST). That’s not too far off their workout schedule. I’ve experienced little success in picking dual scores accurately so I won’t embarrass myself further by going into details but I’ll take Rutgers winning the dual by 1 point with Billy Smith pulling an upset to steal the dual. I talked with one of Smith’s work out partners last week and he thinks that Smith is going to another level this season. You could also say the team that gives up the fewest bonus point matches wins.
oregon state

125lbs Sean McCabe (RU) vs. #9 Ronnie Bresser (OSU). Bresser has had a very good start to his season
133lbs Anthony Giraldo (RU) vs. Joey Palmer (OSU). Palmer is beatable but Giraldo will need to be on his attacks early, if not Palmer might pile on for bonus points.
anthony ashnault
141lbs #4 Anthony Ashnault (RU) vs Jack Hathaway (OSU). Ashnault should get bonus points but will the travel take away some of his fire power?
149lbs Tyson Dippery (RU) vs Joey Delgado (OSU). If Dippery gets to his attacks early he wins going away. Delagado might be a bit over rated facing less tough competition.
157lbs Richie Lewis (RU) vs. Abraham Rodriguez (OSU). Toss-up but I’d give the edge to the home team.
anthony perrotti
165lbs #11 Anthony Perrotti (RU) vs. Seth Thomas (OSU). Bonus points by Perrotti? RU needs them.
174lbs Phillip Bakuckas (RU) vs. Tyler Chay (OSU). Toss up, tiny edge to Bakuckas.
184lbs Nicholas Gravina (RU) vs. Corey Griego (OSU). Toss up edge goes to the home team.
197lbs Hayden Hrymack (RU) vs. Cody Crawford (OSU). Toss up with the edge going to Crawford.
285lbs #9 Billy Smith (RU) vs. #5 Amarveer Dhesi (OSU)