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D1 Schedule Ranked match ups & Power High School Schedule

Most ranked match ups are listed below the dual.
Jan 6th-Appalachian State @ Campbell
Jan 6th-NC State @ Duke
Jan 7th-Oregon State @ Michigan
#4 Adam Coon (Michigan) vs #10 Amarveer Dhesi (Oregon State)
Jan 8/9th-Virginia Duals (Arizona State, Bucknell, Campbell, Chattanooga, Iowa State, The Citadel, Virginia Tech) @ Hampton, Virginia
Jan 8th-Buffalo @ Missouri
Jan 8th-Cal Poly @ CSU-Bakersfield
Jan 8th-Iowa @ Illinois
#2 Cory Clark (Iowa) vs #4 Zane Richards (Illinois)
#3 Zac Brunson (Illinois) vs #8 Alex Meyer (Iowa)
#8 Sam Brooks (Iowa) vs #18 Jeff Koepke (Illinois)
#8 Sam Stoll (Iowa) vs #20 Brooks Black (Illinois)
Jan 8th-Michigan State @ Rutgers
Jan 8th-Nebraska @ Wisconsin
Jan 8th-Penn State @ Purdue
#1 Zain Retherford (Penn State) vs #20 Alex Griffin (Purdue)
#3 Jason Nolf (Penn State) vs #11 Doug Welch (Purdue)
#5 Chad Welch (Purdue) vs #12 Shakur Rasheed/Morelli? (Penn State)
Jan 8th-Princeton @ Binghamton
Jan 8th-Virginia vs VMI @ Richmond, Virginia
Jan 8th & 9th Doc Buchanan Invitational
Jan 8th & 9th- Geary Invitational OK Blair
Jan 8th & 9th WCCA Tournament Franklin Regional
Jan 9th-Pitt Duals (American, Bloomsburg, Brown, Columbia, Davidson, Duke, Edinboro, Franklin & Marshall, Harvard, Hofstra, NC State, North Carolina, Pittsburgh) @ Pittsburgh, PA
American vs Bloomsburg, Bloomsburg vs Harvard, Brown vs American, Davidson vs Franklin & Marshall
Edinboro vs Duke, Edinboro vs North Carolina, Harvard vs Duke, Harvard vs Edinboro
Hofstra vs Davidson, NC State vs American, NC State vs Edinboro, North Carolina vs Brown
Pittsburgh vs Brown, Pittsburgh vs Davidson
Jan 9th-Navy @ Lehigh
#3 Nathaniel Brown (Lehigh) vs #14 Mathew Miller (Navy)
Jan 9th-Oklahoma @ Wyoming
#15 Drew Templeman (Wyoming) vs #16 Ryan Millhof (Oklahoma)
#14 Ross Larson (Oklahoma) vs #19 Tanner Harms (Wyoming)
Jan 9th-Oregon State @ Central Michigan
#7 Ronnie Bresser (Oregon State) vs #19 Brent Fleetwood (Central Michigan)
Jan 9th Bissell Wrestling Tournament @ The Hill School
Jan 10th-Binghamton @ Army
Jan 10th-Cornell @ Missouri
#1 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) vs #12 Zach Synon (Missouri)
Jan 10th-CSU-Bakersfield @ San Francisco State
Jan 10th-Iowa @ Northwestern
Jan 10th-Lehigh @ Penn True-Wrestling coverage
#16 Caleb Richardson (Penn) vs #18 Mason Beckman (Lehigh)
#10 CJ Cobb (Penn) vs #19 Laike Gardner (Lehigh)
#8 Mitch Minotti (Lehigh) vs #20 Maaziah Bethea (Penn)
#3 Nathaniel Brown (Lehigh) vs #9 Lorenzo Thomas (Penn)
Jan 10th-Michigan @ Ohio State
#7 Johnni DiJulius (Ohio State) vs #16 Rossi Bruno (Michigan)
#5 Brian Murphy (Michigan) vs #19 Jake Ryan (Ohio State)
#10 Domenic Abounader (Michigan) vs #11 Kenny Courts (Ohio State) not sure Courts will be in the line up
Jan 10th-Michigan State @ Maryland
Jan 10th-Minnesota @ Nebraska
#11 Tim Lambert (Nebraska) vs #20 Steve Polakowski (Minnesota)
Jan 10th-Ohio @ Central Michigan
I didn’t have time to get through all the duals. Sorry if I missed your dual.

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