Tom Ryan Ohio State Wrestling Coach Interview

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There is a lot of news coming out of Columbus Ohio this week. I talked with coach Ryan earlier today. It’s a long interview. We had planned to talk a few months ago but technology got in the way. So I combined both sets of questions into a long interview. I’ve outlined them below incase you want to skip around. Coach Ryan led the Bucks to their fist national championship and is all in to repeat this season. As a fan I love the “win it now” attitude, it also potentially sets up some huge matches down the road. Snyder vs Gwiz and Bo Jo vs. the Ringer. Holly Sh!t! There are a bunch of studs in these weight classes but it would be great to see these match ups at any point during the 3 days in March. Win magazine has already ranked Snyder #1 at 285lbs. Snyder will be a slightly undersized heavyweight but most of the top guys aren’t at the upper range of the weight class. Target match for the new Ohio State line up is big, at Penn State February 5th. That should be a great dual, wow. Currently Snyder is scheduled to wrestle 2 duals, (PSU & Wiscy) maybe the dual championships (If they are going for #1?) then the B1G’s & NCAA’s. He’s also planning on competing at 2 senior level events during the NCAA season. The Ivan Yariguin on January 29-31. Also the Medved Feb 18-19 in Belarus.Interview from last season. Salsa in the Square match.
1. Updates on Kyle Snyder, Kenny Courts, Miles Martin, Macah Jordan and Hunter Stieber.
2. Thoughts on coaching his son.
3. Potential changes to next seasons schedule.
4. Last years National Championship run
5. What did you learn from last year?
6. University & regional training center talk.
7. Thoughts on the World Championships.
8. Ryan’s position on dual team championships.
9. The Ohio State AD is incented to win, is Tom Ryan?
10. What’s next for TR
11. Mentors

I’ve talked with Coach Ryan a few times over the last couple years. He’s always an easy to talk with straight forward and all business, unless he starts talking about Yoda. Only 12 teams have won an NCAA championship since 1928, that’s pretty good company to be in. Ohio has a ton of local talent. The university is supportive. The training center is producing. The roster is stacked. The staff is young and still hungry. Look for Ohio State to be at or near the top for years to come. If I was a young betting man I’d lay money on Ohio State and Penn State being one and two for the next 4 years.
Thanks for the time coach.