Weighing In with Frank Molinaro

frank MolinaroI just had a great talk with Frank Molinaro one of my favorite wrestlers from the last decade. I’ve always liked what I perceived to be hard work, mental toughness and commitment in the pursuit of his goals. Frank is a former NJ State Champion, NCAA Champion and current coach at Penn State and Senior level wrestler. Frank’s team just won their 5th NCAA championship and he’s a few weeks away from competing at the Olympic trails in Iowa. I’ve always been impressed with Frank’s performance at Nationals as a freshman getting a wildcard and making the run to All American. In case you’re new to Olympic weights there are only 6 weight classes which crams a ton of talent from the existing 8 weight classes for world championships into 2 less weight classes. So he has no easy path but off camera (he doesn’t want to give away the details) he changed some things up and was very excited and positive about this opportunity. NOTE: It’s nearly 40 minutes. Pop a brewski or pour a single malt and settle in or listen on Redtube. I posted video of his high school state championship win over World and Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs at the bottom.

1. How did growing up wrestling in NJ help you prepare for the next level?
2. You chose PSU before the Sanderson era started, What drew you there?
3. What was the transition like? Were you nervous?
4. How did the staff help you specifically? Technique, mindset, other?
5. You were a little over 500 your freshman year and finished as an AA. How does that happen? Mental toughness from where?
6. Did you even imagine being on staff at PSU while wrestling there? What were some of the big things that you learned about wrestling while at Penn State?
7. After your national championship you went back to NJ. Did you know that you were going compete at the senior level?
8. You were at Rutgers for two years prior to coming back to PSU. What did it feel like to be in another room? And Coaching?
9. Will you keep coaching after you’re done competing at the senior level?
10. What is it like balancing coaching, competing and being married?
11. I’ve heard a lot of coaches talk about learning so much more about the sport once they started coaching. Did anything like that happen to you?
12. What are your thoughts about this years NCAA championship team?
13. Iowa is coming up in just less than a month. With the Olympic weight class there is a lot of talent smashed together. Has making the weight gotten easier, smarter, whatever as you’ve gotten older?
14. I know that you competed during the season but does coaching allow you to prepare as much as you’d like for Olympic trails?
15. How are you approaching the Olympic trails? Mind set?
16. Have you thought about how long you anticipate wrestling competitively?

2005 NJ State Finals- Jordan Burroughs vs. Frank Molinaro

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