Weighing In with with Jordan Wood

I recently talked with Jordan Wood. Jordan is one of my favorite guys to watch locally and one of the top wrestlers coming of out Pennsylvania this year. Unfortunately he hurt his ribs in District finals and wasn’t able to compete any further in his quest to be a back to back state champion. Jordan won a world freestyle cadet silver medal in 2014. He has hopes to be healthy and competing at the Junior World Team Trail in Texas this summer with the hope of representing America and the Junior World Championships in France in August. The thing that stands out to me about Jordan’s wrestling style is that he wrestles like a 57lber and the amount of pins he gets for a big guy. He looks to continue the evolution of heavyweights and the NCAA level. Even with injuries he finished his career with over 100 pins. Jordan is a smart kid with a medical/science interest/major in his future at Lehigh.

It’s a 26 minute conversation, sip on some coffee or Lagavulin and putter around while listening.
Here are some of the things that we cover.
1. Talk about your wrestling style.
2. Can you tell us what exactly happened with your injury? Where are you in the recovery process?

3. How do you mentally deal with adversity? Where does your motivation come from? Last year you had shoulder surgery and came back to win a state championship. How do you keep yourself up during that process?

4. How do you deal with the pressure of external expectations? Internal expectations?
5. Boyertown had a great season and team finishing 2nd in duals and 9th in the state at the March championships what are your thoughts on the team and your time wrestling in high school?
6. You’re committed to Lehigh. Will you be there or wrestling freestyle or Greco this summer?
7. You’ve been very successful at all 3 styles of wrestling. Do you have a favorite? Why wrestle Greco-Roman?
8. Why did you choose Lehigh? What weight do you see yourself at? Do you see yourself redshirting or competing for a spot right away?
9. How old were you when you started wrestling? It wasn’t easy from the start, why did you stick with it? What did you like about the sport then? Has what you love about the sport changed, as you’ve gotten older?
10. How did growing up wrestling in PA help you compete nationally and internationally?
11. You were a cadet silver medalist almost 2 years ago. How was the international experience?
12. That Cadet team was an American dream team that took 3rd . How does going to the OTC and spending time with your fellow top level guys affect your wrestling?
13. Love the claw mat return looks very similar to someone that just finished 2nd at the recent NCAA championships. Any thoughts on how competing on the next level may affect how you approach a match?
14. What are your goals for the next 5-10 years? Are they written down?
15. Did you watch the NCAA championships? The wrestling seemed more aggressive and exciting any thoughts?

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