Matt Kolodzik Interview

I got the chance to talk with future Princeton wrestler Matt Kolodzik today. Matt is taking a gap year before enrolling in Princeton in the fall. Matt had a very busy open wrestling season with some wins over former All Americans. Look for him to compete in the last chance qualifier and junior world team trails. Matt will be joining a very talented Princeton team this fall. Princeton is a team to keep an eye on – Coach Ayers is building a rising power even with the rigorous academic standards and short wrestling life span that doesn’t allow for redshirts.
Here are some of the things that we talked about.
1. How did your gap year workout?
2. Was it hard staying motivated without being on a team?
3. What are your next competitions?
4. When did you start wrestling? What did you like about the sport as a kid, now?
5. Thoughts on the NCAA Championships?
6. What wrestlers do you enjoy watching?
7. What are your goals for the next 5-20 years?

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