Weighing In with Spencer Lee an Interview

Spencer Lee
I recently caught up with Spencer Lee who is arguably the greatest high school wrestler in the last 20 years. Spencer is a 3 time Pennsylvania State Champion and undefeated in state competition over the last 3 years. He is also a freestyle Cadet and Junior World Champion. He was very young for the Junior age division of 20 and under, he was 16. He destroyed his competition en route to becoming a World Champion. It’s a long and diverse interview so I posted the questions below. Spencer is an engaging and thoughtful young man that gets a bit guarded when talking about his future. He’s been to all the schools that he’s interested in already, PSU, tOSU, Iowa, NC State…?. He says that he hopes to announce before November. Again I have no inside inforamtion but based on his wrestling friendships, location and long term goals that he’s Penn States to lose. Other programs offer quality light weight partners but but PSU seems to have the most to offer in my opinion. Stay tuned for his announcement early this fall. It’s long so treat it as a podcast and play it in the background as you go about your business.

1. How old were you when you started wrestling? Who introduced you to the sport? How old were you when you started taking it seriously?
2. You’ve been a Cadet and Junior world champion in Freestyle. Was there a difference between the two levels of competition? Technique, strength, cardio? Your results were very similar.
3. Qualifying at 54 KG you lost to Dat Fix. What was going through you mind after that match? Did you know that you’d have permission to go down to 50kgs?
4. What is your mental approach to the sport? Many get doubts and negative thoughts how do you deal with them?
5. Did you know when you hurt your shoulder?
6. Tell me about the injury, surgery and recovery. Many athletes get down on themselves when injured. What was it like for you?
7. You recently won your 3rd PA state championship after a shortened season. How did you feel coming back?
8. You’re PA state champ and world champ, how do you deal with pressure? Do you read or watch press about yourself?
9. What kind of practice room wrestler would you describe yourself as?
10. How has growing up wrestling in PA prepared for you competing on an international level.
11. What’s next on your wrestling schedule spring-summer?
12. Do you plan on going to college or are you thinking of an alternative route like Pico?
13. Do you have a short list of schools that you’re interested in?
14. Do you have a timeline for a decision?
15. Do you have wrestling goals written down? What are they for the next 5 years? How do you see future growth, weight class?
16. Who are your favorite wrestlers to watch?
17. Any thoughts about the recent national championships?
Thanks for your time and looking forward to seeing you out on the mat.

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