True-Wrestling Picks for Nationals

125lbs This is Tomasello’s to lose. It’s a race for 2nd I think Gilman will avoid the brain cramp and get to the finals.
1. Nathan Tomasello, Ohio State
2. Nico Megaludis, Penn State
3. Joey Dance, Virginia Tech
4. Thomas Gilman, Iowa
5. Darian Cruz, Lehigh
6. Barlow McGhee, Missouri
7. David Terao, American
8. Dylan Peters, Northern Iowa
R12: Paul Petrov, Bucknell ; Sean Fausz, NC State ; Tim Lambert, Nebraska ; Ronnie Rios, Oregon State

133lbs Nahshon has had a great season. Going up a weight class has been great for him. As dominant as he’s been this weight class is no joke and any of the guys from 2-5 could go on a roll.

1. Nahshon Garrett, Cornell
2. Zane Richards, Illinois
3. Cory Clark, Iowa
4. Cody Brewer, Oklahoma
5. Ryan Taylor, Wisconsin
6. Jordan Conaway, Penn State
7. Earl Hall, Iowa State
8. George DiCamillo, Virginia
R12: Anthony Giraldo, Rutgers ; Eric Montoya, Nebraska ; Nathan Kraisser, Campbell; Dom Forys, Pittsburgh

141lbs I think that 141 is totally up for grabs and will be the most broken bracket at the NCAA’s. I think that the weight cut has gotten to Jordan but I think he over comes until he hits Ashnault.

1. Anthony Ashnault, Rutgers
2. Joey McKenna, Stanford
3. Dean Heil, Oklahoma State
4. Micah Jordan, Ohio State
5. Kevin Jack, NC State
6. Chris Mecate, Old Dominion
7. Jimmy Gulibon, Penn State
8. Solomon Chishko, Virginia Tech
R12: Rick Durso, Franklin & Marshall; Matt Manley, Missouri ; Todd Preston, Harvard ; Tommy Thorn, Minnesota
Joey Ward, North Carolina

149lbs Everyone has Zain here. His road won’t be easy. A potential quarterfinal match with BJ Clagon, which was his closest match of the season, will be interesting if it happens. Sorensen is as exciting as watching paint dry but he’s defense is too tough for most guys not named Retherford.

1. Zain Retherford, Penn State
2. Brandon Sorenson, Iowa
3. Lavion Mayes, Missouri
4. Alec Pantaleo, Michigan
5. Evan Henderson, North Carolina
6. Jason Tsirtsis, Northwestern
7. BJ Clagon, Rider
8. Laike Gardner, Lehigh
R12: Matt Cimato, Drexel ; Mitch Finesilver, Duke ; Mike DePalma, Kent State ; Tyson Dippery, Rutgers

157lbs I’m taking Nolf – he’s a few adjustments away from getting some easy points from his neutral attacks. I only see IMar winning in OT by a point like B1Gs if at all.

1. Jason Nolf, Penn State
2. Isaiah Martinez, Illinois
3. Ian Miller, Kent State
4. Nick Brascetta, Virginia Tech
5. Thomas Gantt, NC State
6. Brian Murphy, Michigan
7. Dylan Palacio, Cornell
8. Joe Joe Smith, Oklahoma State
R12: Chad Walsh, Rider ; Austin Matthews, Edinboro ; Cody Pack, SD State ; Richie Lewis, Rutgers

165lbs My #1 lock pick Ringer is just on an other level. Bo Jordan is going to need to open it up if he wants to beat his cousin.

1. Alex Dieringer, Oklahoma State
2. Isaac Jordan, Wisconsin
3. Bo Jordan, Ohio State
4. Daniel Lewis, Missouri
5. Anthony Perrotti, Rutgers
6. Steven Rodrigues, Illinois
7. Max Rohskopf, NC State
8. John Michael Staudenmayer, North Carolina
R12: Ryan Priesch, Lehigh ; Tanner Weatherman, Iowa State ; Jim Wilson, Stanford ; Devon Gobbo, Harvard

174lbs Nickal was as dominant a freshman as there was this season. The Ramos match in the semi’s should be interesting. I don’t think that Realbuto can change up his style to hang with Nickal.

1. Bo Nickal, Penn State
2. Brian Realbuto, Cornell
3. Ethan Ramos, North Carolina
4. Blaise Butler, Missouri
5. Zach Brunson, Illinois
6. Zach Epperly, Virginia Tech
7. Cody Walters, Ohio
8. Casey Kent, Penn
R12: Bryce Hammond, Cal State – Bakersfield; Myles Martin, Ohio State ; Nathan Jackson, Indiana ; Lelund Weatherspoon, Iowa State

184lbs Dean should win this but his late season slips left many people wondering. Can Nate Brown rebound?

1. Gabe Dean, Cornell
2. Nate Brown, Lehigh
3. Vic Avery, Edinboro
4. Pete Renda, NC State
5. Tim Dudley, Nebraska
6. Sammy Brooks, Iowa
7. Matthew Miller, Navy
8. Nolan Boyd, OK State
R12: Hayden Zillmer, NC State ; Lorenzo Thomas, Penn ; Domenic Abounader, Michigan ; Blake Stauffer, Arizona State, Nick Gravina, Rutgers

197lbs Cox is a bad match up for McIntosh but I think that McIntosh has learned to stay out of some bad positions.

1. J’Den Cox, Missouri
2. Morgan McIntosh, Penn State
3. Conner Hartmann, Duke
4. Nathan Burak, Iowa
5. Brett Pfarr, Minnesota
6. Phil Wellington, Ohio
7. Jared Haught, Virginia Tech
8. Michael Boykin, NC State
R12: Brett Harner, Princeton ; Reuben Franklin, Cal State – Bakersfield ; Max Huntley, Michigan ; Aaron Studebaker, Nebraska

285lbs Everybody and their mother has Snyder but I think that Gwiz is a tough match up. The Snyder ankle pick won’t be as effective with Gwiz’s low center of balance and thick legs. Size will also play a factor. I know that these guys have rolled around a bunch prior to this season with takedowns going about a 50/50 split. This should be a great match.

1. Nick Gwiazdowski, NC State
2. Kyle Snyder, Ohio State
3. Ty Walz, Virginia Tech
4. Adam Coon, Michigan
5. Amarveer Dhesi, Oregon State
6. Austin Marsden, Oklahoma State
7. Michael Kroells, Minnesota
8. Nathan Butler, Stanford
R12: Joe Stolfi, Bucknell ; Sam Stoll, Iowa ; Billy Smith, Rutgers ; Denzel Dejournette, Appalachian State

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