5 Athleticism Tests for a Wrestler or Contact Sport Athlete

5 Athleticism tests for a Wrestler:

Are you a wrestler that didn’t reach his goals this season? Did you reach your goals but want to make sure that you’re not leaving stones unturned in pursuit of your goals for next season? Build your athleticism right now to be a better wrestler and athlete.
1. Planks: Can you hold a quality plank in all directions? This test gives you an evaluation of your core strength and coordination.
2. Jumps: You should be able to jump a distance close to your height from a squat jump position. You should be able to 1-foot hop across a room or mat constantly moving without losing your balance for at least 1 minute. But there is much much more and don’t limit yourself to thinking that you just have to jump with your legs.
3. Bridge jumps and circle step-overs: You should be able to confidently do these exercises in either direction for a minute without stopping. Move on to walking on your hands.
4. Flips and springs: You should be able to do forward and backward tumbling handsprings and flips. If you can’t, get busy right now. If you can, try increasing the difficulty with less running momentum or adding twists. If Zach can do this anyone can.
5. Goatbelly or here several times a week to keep your posterior chain in good working order. Move on to Kettlebell swings, the single best exercise on the planet.

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If you can do these activities, your athleticism won’t hold you back in pursuit of your goals. Get after it.

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