AJ Nevills Interview

I talked with AJ Nevills this week. AJ recently ended his high school wrestling career by winning his first California state championship. California is a single class wrestling system crowning 1 champion at each weight class. It should be noted that as a state California scored the 3rd most points at the recent NCAA championships. AJ also recently committed to Penn State joining his older brother Nick in State College. AJ is the 3rd of 4 Nevills brothers. He plans on wrestling at 197lbs as a freshman. His goals for the coming season were pretty funny but speak to realistic goals in a very strong program. As usual it’s a long interview and I’ve posted most questions below.
1. 1. How old were you when you started wrestling? Who introduced you to the sport? How old were you when you started taking it seriously?
2. AJ 3rd of 4 brothers. What’s you relationships like with Zack, Nick and Seth. What’s it like competing against your brother’s success.
3. What was your house like growing up? Broken furniture, holes in walls?
4. Your mom is seriously out numbered, what’s her relationship like with wrestling?
5. You were a state runner up last year and a champion this year as a senior. What was the pressure like? Has it sunk it? What’s the best part?
6. Do you read press about yourself?
7. What is your mental approach to the sport? Most everyone gets doubts and negative thoughts how do you deal with them?
8. You had a nick name “baby giraffe” for being tall and thinner than your brothers. You’re dad grew up playing basketball. Did you ever consider basketball?
9. What’s your walk around weight now and what weight do you see yourself competing at in college?
10. You spent a couple weeks with your brother Nick at Penn State last summer. What was that like? Was your mind made up then and there? I know that you had interest from ND ST, UNI, Oklahoma and Drexel? Are you familiar with State College winters?
11. Why Penn State? What about the staff?
12. What are you goals for the next 5 years?
13. Did you watch this years NCAA’s? What did you think?
14. Who do you like to watch wrestle?
15. When will you go to State College this summer?
16. In 10 years what are you doing?
17. Do you love the sport? What do you love about it?

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