8 Things to Get Your Kid Ready for CONTACT

youth wrestling

Getting kids better at challenging things is all about progressions. You can’t be successful at trigonometry without years of math (algebra, geometry, calculus) leading up to it. The same goes for contact sports like wrestling and football. I’m going to lay out my progression for the average youth wrestler. One note: it’s always a bad idea to force anything on a kid– read the situation and ease into it. Kids love pushing boundaries. Make note of their development and growth. It won’t happen over night but stick with it.
Last point before I jump in, I would rather see my son or someone I’m coaching do a quality single rep than multiple reps done poorly. No joke.

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  1. Thanks so much for this – awesome stuff!

    1. I’ll be posting more as the season gets closer

  2. Great article! We completely agree, a slow steady progression, with focus on building the foundations of technique, is way better than a slap-stick-do-as-much-as-you-can approach.Looking forward to reading more!

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