A Conversation with Cody Brewer

I talked with the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club’s newest recruit Cody Brewer yesterday. Cody is a native of Missouri and was a 4x state champion and 4 x AA & 1 time National Champion at University of Oklahoma. He’s got an aggressive style and doesn’t tone it down for big matches witch most people, including myself, find entertaining and exciting. So with his wide-open style it looks like he’s going to the right regional training center to get to the next level.
• Brewer talks about turning down a few other offers midway through the interview. He and Andrew Howe are leaving OU this year. They will be hard for Coach Cody to replace.
• Brewer makes mention of his health a few times during the interview. He told me off air that he’s ready and his body is good to go, so don’t read anything into his language.
• I’ve heard rumors but haven’t see it confirmed that past and likely future nemesis Nahshon Garrett is leaving Cornell for the sunny climes of Arizona. Either way I think that fans will get to see the freestyle version of a rematch of these two in the not to distant future. Garrett won both of their matchups this season. Can the NLWC help improve Brewer to over take Garrett? It’s hard to argue with their recent success.
Being an Olympic cycle I’m not sure the first time that we’ll get to see Brewer compete. You’ll just have to go to the Lorenzo complex in a couple months to see him workout. It’s rangy and long interview, get some coffee, Lagavulin or beverage of choice and enjoy while multitasking.

Some Topics we covered:
Missouri wrestling
Beginning of wrestling career
College wrestling
2015 NCAA Championships
Mind set
2016 NCAA Champions NahShon Garrett match.
Mental toughness
Becoming a NLWC wrestler
Goals for the future?

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