America’s 2016 Freestyle Junior World Team and results

Home States 2-PA & MI, 1-CA,MN,OH, OK
50KG – Spencer Lee – Pennsylvania. Only one challenger and it wasn’t a challenge for him.
55KG – Daton Fix – Oklahoma. Looked really good here and at BTS in NYC on Thursday.
60KG – Seth Gross – Minnesota Upset?
66KG – Alec Pantaleo – Michigan
74KG – Mark Hall – Michigan Looked really tough. Can he move past last years performance at worlds?
84KG – Zahid Valencia – California Looked really good.
96KG – Kollin Moore – Ohio
120KG – Jordan Wood – Pennsylvania. I just hope that he stays healthy.

World Team Finals – Best 2 out of 3
50KG: Spencer Lee (PA) tf. Mosha Schwartz (CO), 10-0
50KG: Spencer Lee (PA) tf. Mosha Schwartz (CO), 10-0

55KG: Daton Fix (OK) tf. Austin Gomez (IL), 10-0
55KG: Daton Fix (OK) tf. Austin Gomez (IL), 10-0

60KG: Seth Gross (MN) dec. Mitch McKee (MN), 8-5 Is this an upset?
60KG: Mitch McKee (MN) dec. Seth Gross (MN), 10-6
60KG: Seth Gross (MN) dec. Mitch McKee (MN), 15-12

66KG: Alec Pantaleo (MI) dec. Matthew Kolodzik (OH), 10-2 I thought that this might be closer.
66KG: Alec Pantaleo (MI) dec. Matthew Kolodzik (OH), 6-0

74KG: Mark Hall (MI) tf. Jason Nolf (PA), 10-0. Nolf doens’t have much back ground in Freestyle but Hall handled him from Neutral too.
74KG: Mark Hall (MI) dec. Jason Nolf (PA), 10-6

84KG: Zahid Valencia (CA) dec. Bo Nickal (TX), 8-2. Nickal has won lots of big matches but I did;t get his approach here. Did he scout Valencia? I don;t think so. Valencia looked much better than at Beat the Streets.
84KG: Zahid Valencia (CA) dec. Bo Nickal (TX), 2-1

96KG: Kollin Moore (OH) tf. Jacob Seely (CO), 11-1
96KG: Kollin Moore (OH) dec. Jacob Seely (CO), 11-5

120KG: Jordan Wood (PA) dec. Rylee Streifel (MN), 5-0. I really like watching Wood wrestle, stay healthy.
120KG: Jordan Wood (PA) tf. Rylee Streifel (MN), 11-0

Challenge Tournament Finals
55KG: Austin Gomez (IL) tf. Austin Assad (OH), 10-0

60KG: Seth Gross (MN) tf. Nick Lee (IN), 12-2

66KG: Matt Kolodzik (OH) tf. Jaydin Eierman (MO), 22-11

74KG: Jason Nolf (PA) dec. Vincenzo Joseph (PA), 5-2. I thought that it might be closer. Joseph couldn’t get to one attack. If you have a close relationship with Nolf tell him that he needs to activate his lats in the gym to be stronger on the mats.

84KG: Bo Nickal (TX) tf. Bobby Steveson (IN), 12-2. Nickal looked really good in this one

96KG: Kollin Moore (OH) dec. Chase Singletary (FL), 13-10

120KG: Jordan Wood (PA) dec. Jake Gunning (PA), 5-4 Closer than I thought it would be.

55KG: Austin Assad (OH) dec. Gavin Teasdale (PA), 6-5
55KG: Austin Gomez (IL) dec. Nick Piccininni (NY), 12-9

60KG: Seth Gross (MN) dec. Ben Freeman (MI), 6-2
60KG: Nick Lee (IN) dec. Taylor LaMont (UT), 4-4

66KG: Matt Kolodzik (OH) tf. Jaren Glosser (IA), 10-0
66KG: Jaydin Eierman (MO) tf. Austin O’Connor (IL), 11-1

74KG: Jason Nolf (PA) dec. Logan Massa (MI), 6-5
74KG: Vincenzo Joseph (PA) dec. Anthony Valencia (CA), 13-13

84KG: Bobby Steveson (IN) dec. Ryan Christensen (WA), 9-2
84KG: Bo Nickal (TX) tf. Emery Parker (IL), 10-0

96KG: Chase Singletary (FL) inj. def. Anthony Cassar (NJ)
96KG: Kollin Moore (OH) dec. Malik McDonald (NC), 12-8

120KG: Jake Gunning (PA) dec. Patrick Grayson (VA), 5-1
120KG: Jordan Wood (PA) dec. Joey Goodhart (PA), 9-2

55KG: Gavin Teasdale (PA) tf. Peter Del Gallo, 16-6
55KG: Austin Assad (OH) dec. Kyle Akins (IL), 8-1
55KG: Nick Piccininni (NY) fall. Brandon Courtney (AZ), 2:49
55KG: Austin Gomez (IL) tf. Rhett Golowenski (OK), 10-0

60KG: Seth Gross (MN) tf. Paul Glynn (IA), 11-1
60KG: Ben Freeman (MI) tf. Markus Simmons (OK), 13-3
60KG: Nick Lee (IN) fall. Ben Hornickle (WY), 4:23
60KG: Taylor LaMont (UT) dec. Ian Parker (MI), 5-2

66KG: Matt Kolodzik (OH) tf. David Carr (OH), 10-0
66KG: Jaren Glosser (IA) tf. Cole Martin (WI), 10-0
66KG: Jaydin Eierman (MO) tf. Vince Turk (IL), 10-0
66KG: Austin O’Connor (IL) dec. Tristen Moran (OK), 6-1

74KG: Logan Massa (MI) tf. Joey Gunther (IL), 10-0
74KG: Jason Nolf (PA) tf. Joe Smith (OK), 10-0
74KG: Anthony Valencia (CA) tf. Larry Early (IL), 11-0
74KG: Vincenzo Joseph (PA) tf. Kimball Bastian (UT), 12-2

84KG: Bobby Steveson (IN) dec. Michael Pixley (MO), 3-0
84KG: Ryan Christensen (WA) dec. Beau Breske (WI), 1-1
84KG: Emery Parker (IL) dec. Steven Schneider (NY), 8-4
84KG: Bo Nickal (TX) tf. Hunter Ritter (MD), 10-0

96KG: Anthony Cassar (NJ) inj. def. Chip Ness (GA)
96KG: Chase Singletary (FL) dec. Evan Hansen (IA), 6-0
96KG: Kollin Moore (OH) tf. Andre Lee (IL), 10-0
96KG: Malik McDonald (NC) fall. Lance Benick (MN), 5:48

120KG: Patrick Grayson (VA) bye
120KG: Jake Gunning (PA) dec. Christian Lance (MO), 3-0
120KG: Jordan Wood (PA) dec. Youssif Hemida (NY), 5-0
120KG: Joey Goodhart (PA) fall. Gannon Gremmel (IA), 4:17

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