How wrestlers with a strong mental game approach the sport

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1. They don’t expect quick results. Wrestling is one of the hardest sports in the world and has many levels of age and expertise. Going from youth to middle school to high school to college to senior level requires relearning the sport in many cases. Changes can take time. Improved technique can take months of practice and several competition matches to get results. The mentally strong don’t lose their faith when faced with failure and improvement takes time. Giving up quickly is for the mentally soft and unfocused.
2. They don’t worry about pleasing or controlling others. They are individuals first that might be part of a team. They earn their goals though individualized preparation. They focus on what they can control themselves: mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. They don’t waste time thinking about opponents prior to a match. Game planning is different and is something controllable. They aren’t obsessed with brackets, seeding and distractions. The final thing they control is their attitude.
3. They don’t beat themselves up over a bad practice or lost match. They don’t dwell on coming up short of their goals. They recognize what happened and learn from it. Learning from a loss does not create doubt. It’s a positive way of dealing with a setback. Not learning from a loss can create a mindset of disbelief when thinking about future goals and performance. Learning from a loss ensures that you don’t repetitively do the same thing expecting a different result.
4. They aren’t jealous of another teammate’s success. They can enjoy, and even feel inspired by, a teammate or friends’ higher level of success without feeling resentful. They learn from the accomplishments of others.
5. They take risks. They are aggressive. To get to the next level they learn to calculate their risk taking with each gain in success. The better they get the less wild they become. They can still look wide openly aggressive but it becomes more calculated as they improve and know themselves better. They may still take losses with their aggressive style but know that they are always capable of winning, even if down.

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