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NCAA Division I Wrestling Five Year Strategic Plan 2016-2021

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I’m not a big fan of the NCAA or its rules but I do see adjusting the NCAA season as a positive. Most coaches agree and why it’s taking so long is an example of why bureaucracy is really a four letter word. If D1 goes I’d guess D2 & D3 would follow shortly afterwards.
Link to the document is below.
Strategies: Modify the Wrestling Season
• Change the start of the pracBce season to November 1. Bylaw 17.27.2
• Change the first date of compeBBon to the first Friday following Christmas. Bylaw 17.27.3
• Move the NCAA Individual Championship. There are several models leading up to the last weekend in April.
Health and Safety-Researched Based Evidence
• Wrestling has the highest use of pain medicaBons.
• Wrestlers have the highest use of amphetamines.
• Wrestlers have the second highest use of ADHD medicaBons.
• Wrestlers have the third highest use of spit tobacco.
• Wrestlers are among the highest users of dietary supplements.
• Wrestlers are more likely to use diureBcs than SAs in any other sport.
• Wrestlers have the highest incidence of skin infecBons in the early season.
• Wrestlers have a high incidence of concussion reported.
more here
the last page has the proposed changes to the season

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