Nico Megaludis Interview

Nico MegaludisI talked with fellow Greek Nico earlier today. Nico is a 4x All American and won his first individual national championship in March. Nico finished his Penn Sate wrestling career with 62 bonus point wins and while some PSU detractors may not consider him the most exciting Penn State wrestler he’s #11 on the all time PSU bonus list. He will be competing at University Worlds in Turkey in October. His freshman run to the NCAA finals is one of the more interesting elements of his career. The growth from start to finish is something that all young wrestlers should emulate. He also talks about the importance of his redshirt year and his ‘coachability’. His 5 years at Penn State will be looked back on as the beginning of a dynasty in State college.
Match highlights
Nico Megaludis Tech Fall Brenden Calas 20-5
Nathan Tomasello over Nico Megaludis 3-1
Nico Megaludis over Tim Lambert 8-5
Nico Megaludis over Darian Cruz 6-0

Some of the topics we cover
National Championship
Freshmen year growth
Internal drive & mental toughness
Wrestling dad as a kid
Pressure or opportunity
What advice would you give your younger self?
Word association- Coach Cody, Jordan Conaway, coach Cael, Frank Molinaro, Nico Megaludis and the Penn State wrestling team?
Life of a senior level wrestler
University World Championships
Where will your life be in 10 years?
Faith in your life and competition?

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  1. I watched Nico in the PA State Championships and saw the tenacity he had then. I knew he would be a big + for Penn State and what the coaches could do for him. He did not prove any of us wrong! Proud of yo Nico 👍‼️

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