NCAA Politics and Sports

I dislike how much PC culture and blind nationalism has totally invaded my primary escape from reality. I love college wrestling but dislike the NCAA in the most extreme way.
Did you see what the NCAA has ruled? Here
Origins Of Political Correctness-must watch

The intolerance of the NCAA is reaching new heights. Just as ESPN ruined mainstream sports for me the NCAA is trying to politicize all the remaining sports. The ancient Greeks stopped wars for sport. Current politicians and power brokers use sports for war. Attacking the views of others with their belief system and strident PC culture. I feel sorry for the younger generation of Americans raised in this oppressive culture of PC intolerence.There is nothing correct about political correctness. It is used to censor freedom of expression. Once we have to think before stating our beliefs it starts to alter what we can think. The NCAA is telling us what it is OK to believe and what it’s not OK to believe. They are like the PC principals (South Park) thoughtless thought thugs.
Kids play sports because they are fun. Grownups watch sports because they are fun. Most of our sports aren’t sports anymore they are entertainment, controlled and fixed by the powers that be. Boo!
People shouldn’t be nudged or bullied into their beliefs. Wrestling would benefit from having the national championship tournament in North Carolina but the NCAA doesn’t have sports or its athletes as their priority only politics.

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