7 quick eating habits to make you perform better this season

Good eating habits are hard to acquire and easy to loose. Bad diet habits are easy to acquire and hard to loose.
Stop with the sports drinks and soda, drink water. Sports drinks don’t help performance , no matter what their advertisements tell you, at best they have nearly the same amount of sweeteners as soda. At worst they have terrible chemicals that interfere with your overall health.
Stop eating things out of cans and avoid food that is stored with a BPA liner. BPA is just one of the gender bending chemicals. Avoid them all. Microwave popcorn contains PFOA and PFOS both gender bending chemicals. Stay away from these chemicals, consuming them is the opposite of performance enhancing drugs. An athlete needs to be at his or her body chemistry to be at its best, not confused.
Avoid soy products, soy milk, tofu and sauce. Soy affects the male production of testosterone. It also contains lots of pesticides. Glyphosate is a pesticide that is known to disrupt cellular function. If this stuff can wipe out bees it can’t be good for your health. The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition has tons more information on this.
Don’t consistently drink alcohol. It is a depressant, can make you tired and impairs judgment. It also makes people loose interest in pursuit of goals.
Foods that contain added hormones or antibiotics that unbalance our natural hormones. An athlete’s body chemistry is very sensitive and needs to be strong, not under constant attack.
Save carbs for prematch, keep them healthy, if you must have them. American wheat has almost zero nutritional value and should be avoided. It burns like paper in a fire so if you have several matches in a day it will hurt your stamina.
Lastly in my experience the best re-hydration fluid post weight is coconut milk and water.

It’s about the quality of the food that you consume. Eat food that doesn’t contain artificial anything. Consume organic foods that are fresh and were healthy living organisms. If you can’t recognize an ingredient neither will your body. Know where your food comes from. The best athletes might be able to get away with eating junk food during their careers but its been shown that after genetics, nutrition is the top determinant of long term health. Junk like PEDs will shorten your peak athletic career and maybe your life.

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