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Super 32 Results 2016

super32Well the Super 32, the premiere preseason high school wrestling event, didn’t disappoint this year. Top seeded wrestlers fell, won and overcame challenges during the two-day event. Pennsylvania wrestlers did well but didn’t have the success they experienced in previous years earning 4 championships and 21 medals. Last year PA had a bumper crop of medals: 31, two years ago PA had 22. New Jersey had the 2nd best state performance, two Champions and 13 Medalists. A pair of wrestlers repeated as champions, Adam Busiello at 113lbs and Joey Silva at 126 pounds.
Full brackets can be seen at Flo Arena
Placement Matches
106lbs: Antonio Lorenzo (CA) DEC Greg Diakomihalis (NY), 1-0
3rd Brandon Kaylor (WA) DEC Lucas Byrd (OH), 6-1
5th Ryan Chauvin (FL) DEC Elijah Varona (FL), 5-3
7th Logan Agin (OH) DEC Cody Craig (ME), 7-6
106: Greg Diakomihalis (NY) DEC Ryan Chauvin (FL), 3-1 SV
106: Antonio Lorenzo (CA) DEC Elijah Varona (FL), 5
Quarterfinals Results
106: Greg Diakomihalis (NY) DEC Cody Craig (ME), 5-2
106: Ryan Chauvin (FL) DEC Brandon Kaylor (WA), 3-1 SV
106: Elijah Varona (FL) DEC Lucas Byrd (OH), 5-3 UTB
106: Antonio Lorenzo (CA) MD Sammy Alvarez (NJ), 11-0

Placement matches
113lbs: No. 6 Adam Busiello (NY) DEC No. 12 Robert Howard (NJ), 5-2
3rd Patrick Mckee (MN) DEC Antonio Mininno (NJ), 4-3
5th Logan Macri (PA) FOR Joseph Harrison (NE)
7th Benyamin Kamali (MI) DEC Matthew Cardello (OH), 5-3
113: Adam Busiello (NY) MD Joseph Harrison (NE), 10-2
113: Robert Howard (NJ) DEC Logan Macri (PA), 5-3 SV
Quarterfinals Results
113: Adam Busiello (NY) F Antonio Mininno (NJ), 1:51
113: Joseph Harrison (NE) F Matthew Cardello (OH), 0:00
113: Logan Macri (PA) DEC Benyamin Kamali (MI), 8-5
113: Robert Howard (NJ) F Colton Yapoujian (CO), 7:30

Placement Matches
120: Patrick Glory (NJ) DEC No. 13 Andrew Alirez (CO), 4-2
3rd Julian Chlebove (PA) DEC Jakob Camacho (CT), 4-2 SV
5th Joshua Saunders (MO) DEC Killian Cardinale (VA), 3-1
7th Ryan Anderson (NJ) FOR Connor Mcgonagle (NH
120: Andrew Alirez (CO) DEC Joshua Saunders (MO), 3-1
120: Patrick Glory (NJ) MD Killian Cardinale (VA), 9-1
Quarterfinals Results
120: Joshua Saunders (MO) DEC Jakob Camacho (CT), 8-2
120: Andrew Alirez (CO) DEC Connor Mcgonagle (NH), 8-2
120: Patrick Glory (NJ) DEC Julian Chlebove (PA), 7-4
120: Killian Cardinale (VA) DEC Ryan Anderson (NJ), 4-2 SV

Placement Matches
126: No. 7 Joseph Silva (FL) DEC No. 9 Austin Desanto (PA), 7-2
3rd Jacori Teemer (NY) DEC Isaiah Perez (CA), 5-3 UTB
5th Alex Thomsen (IA) DEC Rylee Molitor (MN), 9-4
7th Kj Fenstermacher (PA) FOR Weston Diblasi (MO)
126: Joey Silva (FL) DEC Isaiah Perez (CA), 14-7
126: Austin Desanto (PA) DEC Jacori Teemer (NY), 7-5
Quarter Finals
126: Joseph Silva (FL) DEC Dan Moran (PA), 11-6
126: Isaiah Perez (CA) DEC Colin Valdiviez (MO), 9-5
126: Jacori Teemer (NY) DEC Shane Metzler (NJ), 2-0
126: Austin Desanto (PA) TF Elan Heard (OH), 22-7 4:15

Placement Matches
132: No. 1 (at 138) Vitali Arujau (NY) DEC No. 3 Mitch Moore (OH), 11-4
3rd Brian Courtney (PA) DEC Breyden Bailey (IN), 4-2
5th Devin Schwartzkopf (MO) DQ Zack Trampe (PA), 3:22
7th Grant Willits (CO) DEC Franco Valdes (FL), 6-2
132: Vitali Arujau (NY) MD Breyden Bailey (IN), 12-4
132: Mitch Moore (OH) DEC Brian Courtney (PA), 4-3
132: Vitali Arujau (NY) DEC Zack Donathan (OH), 3-0
132: Breyden Bailey (IN) F John Burger (NJ), 3:51
132: Brian Courtney (PA) DEC Franco Valdes (FL), 7-0
132: Mitch Moore (OH) TF Zack Trampe (PA), 16-1 2:36

Placement Matches
138: No. 3 Sammy Sasso (PA) MD Jakob Bergeland (MN), 15-1
3rd Corey Shie (OH) F Grant Aronoff (FL), 0:29
5th Ryan Vulakh (PA) DEC Colin Cronin (PA), 3-2
7th Jake Silverstein (NY) DEC Jake Martinez (OH), 3-1
138: Sammy Sasso (PA) F Corey Shie (OH), 1:31
138: Jakob Bergeland (MN) DEC Colin Cronin (PA), 6-2
138: Sammy Sasso (PA) MD Nate Keim (OK), 11-3
138: Corey Shie (OH) DEC Robbie Cleary (NJ), 12-6
138: Colin Cronin (PA) DEC Joshua Humphreys (WV), 2-1
138: Jakob Bergeland (MN) DEC Christopher Sandoval (CO), 5-4

Placement Matches
145: No. 3 Jarod Verkleeren (PA) DEC Josiah Rider (CO), 5-2
3rd Brayton Lee (IN) DEC Justin Ruffin (GA), 5-1
5th Connor Brady (OH) MD Joe Lee (IN), 11-3
7th Joey Blumer (PA) DEC Peter Pappas (NY), 7-6
145: Josiah Rider (CO) DEC Joe Lee (IN), 9-4
145: Jarod Verkleeren (PA) DEC Brayton Lee (IN), 7-1
145: Joe Lee (IN) DEC Connor Brady (OH), 5-2
145: Josiah Rider (CO) DEC Peter Pappas (NY), 4-3
145: Brayton Lee (IN) MD Denton Spencer (GA), 12-3
145: Jarod Verkleeren (PA) DEC Ryan Leisure (IA), 9-4

Placement Matches
152: No. 1 (at 160) Brady Berge (MN) DEC No. 4 Quentin Hovis (CA), 5-3
3rd Stephan Glasgow (NJ) DEC Jaden Mattox (OH), 8-5
5th Austin Oconnor (IL) DEC Hunter Willits (CO), 3-2
7th Erich Byelick (FL) DEC Nathan Atienza (MI), 4-1
152: Brady Berge (MN) DEC Stephan Glasgow (NJ), 10-6
152: Quentin Hovis (CA) DEC Austin O’Connor (IL), 5-3
152: Brady Berge (MN) DEC Aaron Brooks (MD), 10-3
152: Stephan Glasgow (NJ) DEC Jaden Mattox (OH), 13-11
152: Quentin Hovis (CA) DEC Matt Grippi (NY), 5-2
152: Austin Oconnor (IL) DEC Hunter Willits (CO), 3-1

Placement Matches
160: No. 11 Kyle Cochran (NJ) DEC No. 17 Emille dj Shannon (IL), 3-2 UTB
3rd Trent Hidlay (PA) DEC Bradley Laughlin (IN), 3-1 SV
5th Christopher Foca (NJ) F Mekhi Lewis (NJ), 1:00
7th Tristan Brady (OH) DEC Skitch Light (PA), 1-0
160: DJ Shannon (IL) DEC Mekhi Lewis (NJ), 2-1 UTB
160: Kyle Cochran (NJ) DEC Trent Hidlay (PA), 3-1
160: Mekhi Lewis (NJ) DEC Isaiah Johnson (NC), 12-5
160: DJ Shannon (IL) DEC Sammy Cokeley (KS), 3-2
160: Trent Hidlay (PA) DEC Bradley Laughlin (IN), 5-1
160: Kyle Cochran (NJ) DEC Dale Tiongson (MD), 3-1

Placement Matches
170: No. 14 Bryce Rogers (FL) DEC No. 3 (at 160) Jake Allar (MN), 7-3
3rd Ethan Smith (MD) DEC Bryan Mclaughlin (NJ), 6-4 SV
5th Myles Wilson (CO) FOR Anthony Mantanona (CA)
7th Emil Soehnlen (OH) F George Walton iii (NJ), 4:14
170: Jake Allar (MN) DEC Ethan Smith (MD), 7-5 SV
170: Bryce Rogers (FL) DEC Anthony Mantanona (CA), 10-3
170: Jake Allar (MN) MD Ashton Eyler (OH), 14-2
170: Ethan Smith (MD) DEC Zachary Ancewicz (NY), 1-0
170: Bryce Rogers (FL) DEC Myles Wilson (CO), 4-3
170: Anthony Mantanona (CA) DEC George Walton (NJ), 11-8

Placement Matches
182: No. 4 Louie Deprez (NY) DEC No. 3 Nino Bonaccorsi (PA), 6-0
3rd Drew Peck (PA) DEC Jelani Embree (MI), 2-1
5th Khamari Whimper (TN) DEC Matthew Waddell (GA), 5-2
7th Kendall Elfstrum (NY) DEC Cliffton Wang (NY), 4-3
182: Louie Deprez (NY) DEC Drew Peck (PA), 3-1
182: Nino Bonaccorsi (PA) DEC Jelani Embree (MI), 5-3 SV
182: Louie Deprez (NY) F Kaden Russell (OH), 2:43
182: Drew Peck (PA) DEC Matthew Waddell (GA), 6-2
182: Jelani Embree (MI) MD Lucas Davison (IN), 13-3
182: Nino Bonaccorsi (PA) F Khamari Whimper (TN), 4:17

Placement Matches
195: No. 7 John Borst (VA) DEC No. 10 Gavin Hoffman (PA), 4-3
3rd Andrew Davison (IN) DEC Daniel Gregory Kerkvliet (MN), 6-2
5th Brandon Whitman (MI) F Jacob Raschka (WI), 3:21
7th Jake Woodley (PA) MD Joseph Doyle (PA), 11-2
195: Gavin Hoffman (PA) DEC Brandon Whitman (MI), 5-4
195: John Borst (VA) DEC Jacob Raschka (WI), 14-9
195: Brandon Whitman (MI) DEC Daniel gregory Kerkvliet (MN), 7-3
195: Gavin Hoffman (PA) DEC Jake Woodley (PA), 3-2
195: John Borst (VA) DEC Andrew Davison (IN), 7-2
195: Jacob Raschka (WI) DEC Noah Bushman (VA), 8-7

Placement Matches
220: Brian Kennerly (PA) DEC No. 15 Cole Nye (PA), 5-4 UTB
3rd Ryan Vasbinder (MI) DEC Peter Acciardi (NJ), 6-0
5th Eric Keosseian (NJ) DEC Joe Soreco (NJ), 3-1
7th Diata Drayton (IL) DEC Jeffrey Allen (VA), 7-3
220: Cole Nye (PA) DEC Joe Soreco (NJ), 3-2?
220: Brian Kennerly (PA) DEC Ryan Vasbinder (MI), 13-6
220: Cole Nye (PA) DEC Max Darrah (MO), 3-1
220: Joe Soreco (NJ) DEC Diata Drayton (IL), 6-3
220: Ryan Vasbinder (MI) DEC Colin Lawler (TX), 6-5
220: Brian Kennerly (PA) DEC Jeffrey Allen (VA), 4-3

Placement Matches
285: Brendan Furman (PA) DEC Sammy De seriere (CO), 3-1
3rd Zach Muller (IL) F Mansur Abdul-malik (MD), 2:52
5th Keaton Kluever (WI) DEC Michael Kramer (TN), 8-2
7th Blake Zalapi (IL) F Paul Robinson (GA), 1:53
285: Sammy De seriere (CO) F Michael Kramer (TN), 0:58
285: Brendan Furman (PA) DEC Mansur Abdul-malik (MD), 10-3

285: Michael Kramer (TN) DEC Evan Ellis (IN), 3-1
285: Sammy De seriere (CO) DEC Will Hare (PA), 3-2
285: Brendan Furman (PA) DEC Zach Muller (IL), 5-3
285: Mansur Abdul-malik (MD) DEC Evan Surgeon (NC), 3-1

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