Grapple at the Garden 2016- Highlights in Progress

This year’s Grapple wasn’t as loaded as the past couple of seasons but there was plenty of action to be had on the floor of Madison Square Garden. Cornell, Rutgers and Princeton were the highest ranked D1 teams in attendance. There was plenty of New York and New Jersey high school and D3 talent on the mats all morning. I’m not sure how long Kerry McCoy is going to get a pass at Maryland. I know that he’s done a great job raising money for the program but the actual wrestling program seems to be stuck. Maryland, while not quiet as talented as most of its neighboring states is still surrounded by wrestling talent and can’t seem to improve. Now that it’s in the B1G competition is even stiffer than when they were in the ACC. There have been lots of changes to the supporting staff over the last few years but nothing has seemed to help? Princeton on the other hand has grown better and better over the last few years without the benefit of Redshirts and easy admissions. Coach Ayres and his staff are doing a great job. I wonder how long and high Princeton will go.
125lbs – Alex Vargas (M) dec. Ty Agaisse(P) 3-2
133lbs – Pat D’Arcy (P) dec. Michael Beck (M)5-1
141lbs – Matthew Kolodzik (P) dec. Billy Rappo (M)7-2
149lbs – Alfred Bannister (M) dec. Jordan Laster (P) 6-4, SV
157lbs – Justin Alexander (M) dec. Mike D’Angelo (P) 8-6
165lbs – Joe Tavoso (P) dec. Josh Ugalde (M) 8-4
174lbs – Jonathan Schleifer (P) dec. Sam Rowell (M)7-3
184lbs – Kevin Parker fall Idris White (M) 5:42
197lbs – Brett Harner (P) major dec. David-Brian Whisler (M) 16-4
285lbs – Ray O’Donnell (P) dec. Youssif Hemida (M) 15-8
cornell wrestlingrutgers
#8 Cornell #9 Rutgers 28-10
I thought that this would be a tight match and that Rutgers would win close. I was wrong, Cornell came out scrapping, wrestled tougher than I thought that they would and dominated a good Rutgers team. The Cornell lightweight set the tone with 2 upsets at 125 and 133. McCabe never seemed to start his engine or Baughman just had the right game plan and executed it very well. Grey did the same to Dippery, his game plan, execution and mental toughness were on full display. At 141 Ashnault won but it was Koll that caught my attention. He’s made big leaps since last season and if he keeps developing his own offense he’s going to start climbing the rankings. He’s an outstanding counter and chain-scrambling wrestler. His ability to generate his offensive points will determine how far he ascends. Van Brill continues to impress. I like the way this kid wrestles and improves every time I see him. He comes at you with different angles from the top and you can see that it’s confusing for his opponents, even if he doesn’t score it’s causing his opponents to work harder than they expect to. Not sure what to make of 165 – Womack was just ready with funky angles, Scott wasn’t. Realbuto’s mental game is top notch. He scored when Bakuckas let up just a bit and it made all the difference. Dean vs Gravina was close for a while 3-3. Then Dean just went gonzo, wow what a show. Watch the video.
125lbs: Noah Baughman (CU) dec. over Sean McCabe (RU), 3-1; CU, 3-0
133lbs: #20 Mark Grey (CU) dec. over #15 Tyson Dippery (RU), 6-4; CU, 6-0
141lbs: #4 Anthony Ashnault (RU) dec. over Will Koll (CU), 6-4; CU, 6-3
149lbs: #11 Ken Theobold (RU) dec. over #18 Joey Galasso (CU), 6-0; tied, 6-6
157lbs: John Van Brill (RU) major dec. over Taylor Simaz (CU), 8-0; RU, 10-6
165lbs: #21 Brandon Womack (CU) fall over Willie Scott (RU), 4:24; CU up, 12-10
174lbs: #5 Brian Realbuto (CU) dec. over Phillip Bakuckas (RU), 4-2; CU up, 15-10
184lbs: #1 Gabe Dean (CU) major dec. over #12 Nicholas Gravina (RU), 16-3; CU up, 19-10
197lbs: Ben Honis (CU) dec. over Anthony Messner (RU), 4-0; CU up, 22-10
285lbs: #20 Jeramy Sweanty (CU) wins by fall over Razohnn Gross (RU), 4:32; Cornell wins, 28-10
Interview OW-Gabe Dean

Rutgers 39, Columbia 3
125: Sean McCabe (RU) wins by forfeit
133: Scott DelVecchio (RU) wins by fall over Alec Kelly (CU), 5:46
141: Anthony Ashnault (RU) tech fall over Jacob Macalolooy (CU), 18-3
149: Anthony Giraldo (RU) major dec. over Dan Reed (CU), 13-1
157: John Van Brill (RU) dec. over Tyler Ponte (CU), 4-0
165: Willie Scott (RU) dec. over Tyrel White (CU), 8-6 (SV)
174: Jordan Pagano (RU) dec. over Austin Coniker (CU), 6-0
184: Nicholas Gravina (RU) wins by fall over Donny Donnelly (CU), 0:57
197: Matthew Correnti (RU) dec. over over Matt Doggett (CU), 6-1
HWT: Garrett Ryan (CU) dec. over Razohnn Gross (RU), 9-2

Hofstra 18, George Mason 13
125 — Jacob Martin (HU) dec. Quinton Tucker (GMU), 7-1
133 — Vinny Vespa (HU) dec. Lio Quezada (GMU), 6-3
141 — Tejon Anthony (GMU) maj. dec. Connor Burkert (HU), 15-3
149 — Sahid Kargbo (GMU) dec. Ryan Burkert (HU), 6-2
157 — Jake Kaminsky (HU) dec. Matthew Raines (GMU), 11-5
165 — Bobby Fehr (HU) dec. Garrett Tingen (GMU), 14-10
174 — Sage Heller (HU) dec. Patrick Davis (GMU), 9-8
184 – Daniel Mika (GMU) dec. Michael Oxley (HU), 5-2
197 — Nezar Haddad (HU) dec. Matt Meadows (GMU), 5-3
285 — Matthew Voss (GMU) dec. Omar Haddad (HU), 8-6

Princeton 28, Buffalo 12
125: Ty Agaisse (P) dec. Derek Spann 6-1
133: Bryan Landry (M) dec. Pat D’Arcy 4-1
141: Matthew Kolodzik (P) TF Blake Retell 25-10
149: Jordan Laster (P) dec. Colt Cotton 3-2
157: Leonard Merkin (P) TF Kobe Gerrehy 22-4
165: Joe Tavoso (P) dec. Derek Holcomb 9-8
174: Jonathan Schleifer (P) dec. Muhammed Mcbryde 5-2
184: Kevin Parker (P) p. Brett Perry 5:51
197: James Benjamin (B) dec. Brett Harner 7-5, SV
I caught the end of this match. I think Harner is looking forward to graduating.
285: Jake Gunning (B) won by forfeit

Maryland 30, Columbia 9
125 – Alex Vargas (Maryland) wins by forfeit
133 – Alec Kelly (Columbia) def. Michael Beck (Maryland), Fall (3:30)
141 – Billy Rappo (Maryland) def. Jacob Macalolooy (Columbia), 14-2
149 – Alfred Bannister (Maryland) def. Brock Morgan (Columbia), 5-4
157 – Danny Boychuck (Maryland) def. Max Elling (Columbia), 12-3
165 – Josh Ugalde (Maryland) def. Tyrel White (Columbia), 10-6
174 – Sam Rowell (Maryland) def. Austin Coniker (Columbia), 5-2
184 – Irdis White (Maryland) def. Jacob Young (Columbia), 4-1
197 – David-Brian Whisler (Maryland) def. Matt Doggett, 14-4
HWT – Garrett Ryan (Columbia) def. Hemida (Maryland), 10-3