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2016 Cliff Keen Results

Team Scores
1) Ohio State 118.5
2) Wisconsin 113.5
3) Virginia Tech 103
4) Minnesota 100
5) Cornell 93.5
6) Central Michigan 90.5
7) Arizona State 83
8) Wyoming 77.5
9) Michigan 73
10) Edinboro 68.5
Some crazy team scores. Wisconsin takes 2nd? Even with Jordan taking 2nd place. VT didn’t look like a title contender. ASU underperformed from my perspective. Cornell looked like Cornell usually does in December.

1st: Joey Dance (Virginia Tech) dec. Jose Rodriquez (Ohio State), 4-3
3rd: Sean Russell (Edinboro) dec. Trey Andrews (Northern Colorado), 7-1
5th: Noah Gonser (Eastern Michigan) dec. Sean Nickell (CSU Bakersfield), 5-0
7th: Ben Thornton (Purdue) by forfeit over Markus Simmons (Iowa State)

1st: Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) dec. Stevan Micic (Michigan), 3-2
3rd: Mark Grey (Cornell) dec. Mitch Mckee (Minnesota), 2-0
5th: Corey Keener (Central Michigan) pinned Anthony Tutolo (Kent State), 4:12
7th: Ali Naser (Arizona State) dec. Eli Stickley (Wisconsin), 10-4

1st: Joey McKenna (Stanford) dec. Bryce Meredith (Wyoming), 3-1
3rd: Cole Martin (Wisconsin) dec. Russell Rohlfing (CSU Bakersfield), 8-7
5th: Logan Everett (Army) pinned Timmy Box (Northern Colorado), 2:03
7th: Kyle Ayersman (Purdue) by medical forfeit over Jack Mutchnik (American)

1st: Micah Jordan (Ohio State) dec. Pat Lugo (Edinboro), 7-3
3rd: Justin Oliver (Central Michigan) dec. Cole Mendenhall (Wyoming), 6-0
5th: Joey Delgado (Oregon State) by medical forfeit over Solomon Chishko (Virginia Tech)
7th: Andrew Crone (Wisconsin) maj. dec. Chase Straw (Iowa State), 11-3

1st: Jake Short (Minnesota) dec. Colin Heffernan (Central Michigan), 3-2
3rd: Archie Colgan (Wyoming) dec. Victor Lopez (Bucknell), 2-1 SV
5th: Josh Shields (Arizona State) by medical forfeit over Sal Mastriani (Virginia Tech)
7th: Colt Shorts (Cal Poly) dec. Alex Mossing (Air Force), 4-1

1st: Logan Massa (Michigan) dec. Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin), 8-7. Logan Massa looks to be the new odds on favorite to be a NC in March.
3rd: Branson Ashworth (Wyoming) dec. Austin Matthews (Edinboro), 7-2
5th: Anthony Valencia (Arizona State) pinned Brandon Womack (Cornell), 0:40
7th: Alex Lopouchanski (Air Force) by default over Cody Burcher (Ohio State)

1st: Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) dec. Brian Realbuto (Cornell), 3-2. Hello Zahid. National title contender.
3rd: Myles Amine (Michigan) dec. Lelund Weatherspoon (Iowa State), 4-2 SV
5th: Christian Brucki (Central Michigan) by forfeit over Jim Wilson (Stanford)
7th: Kimball Bastian (Utah Valley) by medical forfeit over Nick Wanzek (Minnesota)

1st: Gabe Dean (Cornell) tech. fall Zack Zavatsky (Virginia Tech), 19-4 5:00. Dean is such a stud. I enjoy watching him every time he takes the mat.
3rd: Myles Martin (Ohio State) tech. fall Steven Schneider (Binghamton), 22-7 6:04. Martin is good but he peaked last March. Will he do the same this season?
5th: Jordan Ellingwood (Central Michigan) dec. Hunter Ritter (Wisconsin), 4-1
7th: Nick Fiegener (California Baptist) maj. dec. Samson Imonode (Army), 12-1

1st: Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) dec. Jared Haught (Virginia Tech), 14-1
3rd: Kollin Moore (Ohio State) dec. Jacob Smith (West Virginia), 9-7
5th: Corey Griego (Oregon State) pinned Ricky Robertson (Wisconsin), 1:03
7th: Tom Sleigh (Bucknell) dec. Tanner Orndoff (Utah Valley), 2-0

1st: Connor Medbery (Wisconsin) dec. Ty Walz (Virginia Tech), 6-4 SV
3rd: Michael Kroells (Minnesota) dec. Tanner Hall (Arizona State), 3-2 TB. I keep hearing about Hall but I’m not sure that he’s be as good as I thought last year.
5th: Nathan Butler (Stanford) dec. Billy Miller (Edinboro), 5-0
7th: Gage Hutchison (Eastern Michigan) by medical forfeit over Quean Smith (Iowa State)


Joey Dance (Virginia Tech) DEC Sean Russell (Edinboro), 4-2
Jose Rodriquez (Ohio State) TF Trey Andrews (Northern Colorado), 17-1 6:50

Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) DEC Mark Grey (Cornell), 8-3
Stevan Micic (Michigan) DEC Mitch Mckee (Minnesota), 9-7 SV

Joey Mckenna (Stanford) MD Logan Everett (Army), 10-2
Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) DEC Russell Rohlfing (CSU Bakersfield), 5-4

Pat Lugo (Edinboro) DEC Solomon Chishko (Virginia Tech), 5-3 SV
Micah Jordan (Ohio State) DEC Justin Oliver (Central Michigan), 9-4

Colin Heffernan (Central Michigan) DEC Josh Shields (Arizona State), 6-3
Jake Short (Minnesota) DEF Sal Mastriani (Virginia Tech)

Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin) F Austin Matthews (Edinboro), 1:45
Logan Massa (Michigan) MD Anthony Valencia (Arizona State), 17-4

Brian Realbuto (Cornell) DEC Jim Wilson (Stanford), 12-5
Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) MD Lelund Weatherspoon (Iowa State), 10-2

Gabe Dean (Cornell) F Jordan Ellingwood (Central Michigan), 2:55
Zack Zavatsky (Virginia Tech) DEC Myles Martin (Ohio State), 6-4

Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) MD Kollin Moore (Ohio State), 15-7
Jared Haught (Virginia Tech) DEC Jacob Smith (West Virginia), 6-4 SV

Connor Medbery (Wisconsin) DEC Michael Kroells (Minnesota), 4-2
Ty Walz (Virginia Tech) DEC Tanner Hall (Arizona State), 5-3

125 Joey Dance (Virginia Tech) DEC Markus Simmons (Iowa State), 4-0
125 Sean Russell (Edinboro) DEC Noah Gonser (Eastern Michigan), 7-3
125 Jose Rodriquez (Ohio State) MD Noah Baughman (Cornell), 10-2
125 Trey Andrews (Northern Colorado) DEC Connor Schram (Stanford), 4-2 TB2

133 Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) DEC Ali Naser (Arizona State), 9-4
133 Mark Grey (Cornell) F Anthony Tutolo (Kent State), 4:50
133 Stevan Micic (Michigan) MD Drew Templeman (Wyoming), 17-4
133 Mitch Mckee (Minnesota) F Corey Keener (Central Michigan), 5:44

141 Joey Mckenna (Stanford) F Timmy Box (Northern Colorado), 1:56
141 Logan Everett (Army) DEC A.j. Jaffe (Harvard), 10-4
141 Russell Rohlfing (CSU Bakersfield) DEC Sal Profaci (Michigan), 13-6
141 Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) MD Mason Smith (Central Michigan), 12-1

149 Solomon Chishko (Virginia Tech) DEC Joey Delgado (Oregon State), 8-2
149 Pat Lugo (Edinboro) MD Andrew Crone (Wisconsin), 12-3
149 Justin Oliver (Central Michigan) DEC Cole Mendenhall (Wyoming), 14-11
149 Micah Jordan (Ohio State) F Coleman Hammond (CSU Bakersfield), 3:56

157 Josh Shields (Arizona State) F Brian Murphy (Michigan), 3:20
157 Colin Heffernan (Central Michigan) DEC Colt Shorts (Cal Poly), 5-3
157 Jake Short (Minnesota) DEC Alex Mossing (Air Force), 4-2
157 Sal Mastriani (Virginia Tech) DEC Russell Parsons (Army), 10-3

165 Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin) TF Andrew Mendel (Army), 22-7 7:00
165 Austin Matthews (Edinboro) DEC Keaton Subjeck (Stanford), 7-3
165 Anthony Valencia (Arizona State) MD Brandon Womack (Cornell), 18-6
165 Logan Massa (Michigan) DEC Tyrel White (Columbia), 8-2

174 Brian Realbuto (Cornell) DEC Kimball Bastian (Utah Valley), 3-2
174 Jim Wilson (Stanford) DEC Jake Morrissey (Purdue), 9-3 SV
174 Lelund Weatherspoon (Iowa State) DEC Nick Wanzek (Minnesota), 8-1
174 Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) DEC Myles Amine (Michigan), 4-3

184 Gabe Dean (Cornell) F Mark Penyacsek (CSU Bakersfield), 1:22
184 Jordan Ellingwood (Central Michigan) DEC Dakota Geer (Edinboro), 6-4
184 Zack Zavatsky (Virginia Tech) DEC Dylan Gabel (Northern Colorado), 9-5
184 Myles Martin (Ohio State) F Will Sumner (Utah Valley), 3:45

197 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) TF Ben Honis (Cornell), 16-1 5:36
197 Kollin Moore (Ohio State) TF Tanner Orndoff (Utah Valley), 20-5 3:27
197 Jacob Smith (West Virginia) DEC Tom Sleigh (Bucknell), 6-1
197 Jared Haught (Virginia Tech) DEC Matt Williams (CSU Bakersfield), 5-3

285 Connor Medbery (Wisconsin) TF Quean Smith (Iowa State), 16-0 2:14
285 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) DEC Nathan Butler (Stanford), 3-1
285 Tanner Hall (Arizona State) DEC Billy Miller (Edinboro), 5-2
285 Ty Walz (Virginia Tech) MD Cody Crawford (Oregon State), 17-7

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