D-1 Dual Rankings 12.19.16

I recently said that I wasn’t a fan of individual rankings. I only get to see a segment of wrestlers every year. After looking at other rankings I thought some were way off base. You know which ones are way out of line. Most rankers have Okie State #1. After a brief look at the lineups of the top schools I’ve got to say Penn State even with their unsettled lineup has to be the #1 dual team in my mind. In a dual against Okie State they could reasonably take 6 of 10 matches (125, 149, 157, 184, 285 favored 165 & 197 toss ups, give one to each team). With the styles involved Penn State has a higher probability of bonus points too. Penn State has even more separation from Iowa. So far this season Iowa is the only team to give Penn State a “bonus point” challenge. All that said Okie state has the most complete lineup right not. Iowa does have the possible addition of Alex Marinelli who looks very strong. Not to mention this is the year for Iowa to push for a championship based on their talent and eligibility. Penn State hasn’t solidified their lineup yet but has several studs that rack up wins and team points. Cornell gave Okie State a jolt but doesn’t have the consistency of talent the schools in the top 5 have. I see the Lehigh vs. Cornell match in a month for EIWA dominance being a pretty good showdown. I’m also excited to see how Lehigh competes with Virginia Tech next.
Moving down the list Rider is left off the other ranking service lists? They rolled Penn 2 weeks ago and Penn is still ranked higher than the Broncs. Why? Drexel looks stonger than Penn as well yet Penn is way higher in the dual rankings. I don’t get some of these ranking sites. I’ve seen 14 of my top 20 teams so far this year, more than half of them I’ve seen multiple times. This is my hobby; covering wrestling comes in around 10th in my life’s priorities. Win magazine is a professional publication that I’ve criticized before. Injuries aside I’d bet money if I were a gambler that my top 25 is way more accurate than theirs is. Even FLO has Penn ranked after being dominated by Rider. Why? They also have Okie State one spot over Penn State. I don’t see it look at the lineups for yourself. You can take this list to the bank (or at least to your kids piggy bank):
1. Penn State
2. Oklahoma State
3. Iowa
4. Ohio State
5. Virginia Tech
6. Missouri
7. Nebraska
8. Cornell
9. Lehigh
10. Minnesota
11. Illinois
12. Rutgers
13. Michigan
14. Arizona State
15. Stanford
16. NC State
17. Oklahoma
18. Rider
19. Wisconsin
20. South Dakota State
21. Drexel
22. Princeton
23. Appalachian State
24. Northern Iowa
25. Oregon State
26. Penn
27. Central Michigan
28. Wyoming
29. Virginia
30. Indiana

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